Planning a trip to Vietnam? That’s nice as the beautiful South-East Asian country extends a warm welcome to the tourists with her several attractions and scenic vista- Vietnam offers great business opportunities as well. Now, irrespective of the purpose of visit to Vietnam, the government there has made it mandatory for every Indian citizen to come up with a valid Vietnam visa. You have to collect the Vietnam visa from the Vietnam Embassy office in India. The post here offers a brief on how to get Vietnam visa at embassy of Vietnam in India.

Reaching the Embassy Physically

The traditional route is to travel to the Vietnam Embassy directly to apply & collect the Vietnam visa. In India, the Vietnam Embassy office is located in New Delhi- you will get the address on internet. You will visit the New Delhi outlet in person with all required documents for your Vietnam Visa application. The officials there will help you with comprehensive instruction on how to fill up the application form. After you submit the application form, you would be given a date on which you would come to collect the Vietnam visa.

Reaching the Vietnam Embassy Online

You can even reach the Vietnam Embassy online. There are online Vietnam visa companies that have come up with an advanced Vietnam visa on Arrival service – where the entire visa application & approval process is carried over the internet.

Benefits of the Online Service

In India, there is only one Vietnam Embassy outlet and hence it becomes tedious for Indians from different cities to reach up to the Embassy office in person. They are compelled to waste money and energy on lengthy distances for the Vietnam visa approval. Moreover, as it takes two visits to the Embassy office to collect the final visa, the visa applicants are forced to stay at New Delhi for a few days and this implies further expenses on accommodation. The online service frees you from all these extra expenses by eliminating any need of physically reaching up to the Embassy office in New Delhi. As you won’t be visiting the Embassy in person, you would be relieved from waiting at the prolonged queues usual before the Embassy outlet as well.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

When you are looking to reach the Vietnam Embassy online from your Indian home, you would have to sign up with a leading online Vietnam visa on Arrival service company. The site will offer an online application form which you can fill up virtually followed by online payment submission. These companies send their own staff to the Vietnam Embassy office so that you don’t have to leave your work and travel to New Delhi. You will need to wait for 1-2 business days within which the visa company will email the Vietnam Embassy approved Vietnam visa approval letter to your email id. Your task is to take a print out of the letter and carry it to the Vietnam international airport.