I am citizen of India. I have got a visa to Vietnam through your agency. Now, my visa is going to expire but I still wish to stay in Vietnam more. I want to extend my visa. Please lighten me how to extend Vietnam visa for Indians?

Foreigners including India citizens wishing to stay longer in Vietnam when your visa is going to be expired can apply to extend or renew your visa. By requesting visa extension or renewal visa, you are permitted to stay in Vietnam from 1 to 3 months more facing no problem. Nowadays, many foreigners who not exiting Vietnam during your visa duration time, before their visa is going to expire; they submit their original passport to extend or renew visa.

Steps to extend or renew visa for India citizens:
To get extended or renewed visa, India citizens are just required to follow detailed steps as below:

  • Send the scan copy of all Vietnam visa pages in your passport to email evisavn1@gmail.com so that our staff can check whether your visa can be extended or renewed more or not. In case, if your visa can be extended or renewed what needed documents that you need to prepare and quotation fee for your case and processing time as well.
  • Submit your original passport to our office to extend or renew visa. Because, Vietnam government require original passport of all applicants who want to extend or renew visa to stamp a new visa or seal a stamp on the passport.
  • Making payment for extension or renewal fee via credit card, bank transfer or pay in cash in our office
  • Receiving passport back with extended or renewed visa after 7 to 10 working days.

Note: Normally, extension or renewal takes 7 working days at least and your passport is kept during that time. Thus, India applicants are advised to have a detailed plan for travelling to make sure that your original passport is no need while extension or renewal. It is certainly that you cannot exit Vietnam.

In case, you exit Vietnam by any chance during your duration time of visa. You are suggested to apply for a new visa. Because, applying for a new visa takes shorter processing time and lower fee than extension or renewal visa.

Steps to apply for a visa for India citizens:
Applying online for Vietnam visa on arrival is the quickest and the best way to get visa to Vietnam. India applicants just need to complete the visa application form online, and then you should make payment for visa approval fee via credit card, western union or bank transfer. After 2 or 3 working days, a visa approval letter issued by Immigration Department of Vietnam will be sent to registered email. With the printed letter, arriving to Vietnam airport you just present the letter to get official Vietnam visa stamped onto your passport.

For further information related to How to extend Vietnam visa for India, please contact us