I am an India nationals. I need to have a Vietnam visa to enter your country because my company is going to open a branch in Vietnam next month. I have traveled to Vietnam before, but for tourist purpose. Please advise how to apply for business visa Vietnam for Indians

India citizens wishing to enter Vietnam for purpose of business are required to get Vietnam business visa or pre-approved letter for Vietnam business visa before departure.

Available types of Vietnam business visa for India citizens

Normally, Vietnam business visa will be issued as 3 month Vietnam visa. However, India citizens can apply for 1 month business visa to do short business. To have 3 month or 1 month business Vietnam visa, India citizens can apply online for Vietnam visa on arrival or apply at Vietnam embassy directly.

Get business Visa Vietnam for Indians online
As this kind of Vietnam visa can be applied online, India citizens just need to access to the link http://vietnamvisaforindians.in/apply.html to complete the visa application form with the exact information as shown in your India passport. After completing the first step, you should make payment for visa approval fee. After 2 working days except for Saturday and Sunday at the maximum, a visa approval letter will be sent to your registered email. By showing this letter at Vietnam airport, India citizens can get official Vietnam visa on arrival fast and easily.

Get business Visa Vietnam for Indians at Embassy of Vietnam
If India citizen will not travel to Vietnam by airway, you can apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in the country you are residing. The required documents you need to get Vietnam visa at embassy are original passport, an invitation of your partner company or a visa approval code granted by Vietnam Immigration Department, and money to pay Vietnam visa fee.

Vietnam visa extension for India citizen
In case India citizens want to stay longer than 3 months in Vietnam, you can apply for 3 month Vietnam business visa first and then extend it several time. By using Vietnam visa extension service, you are permitted to stay longer in Vietnam without exiting. What you need to do for visa extension is only send the scan copy of your passport containing all Vietnam visa pages to our email evisavn1@gmail.com. We will check and advised you fee and processing time to extend your visa. Then, you should arrange your time to submit your passport at out our office. After 5-7 days, you should visit the office again to get your passport back with a new Vietnam visa stamped.