With our fast and efficient service, obtaining an entry visa to Vietnam has never been faster and easier. Let save your time and free your mind to concentrate on your travel plan with just a few simple steps as below:

  • Fill in the online visa application form that is available on our website precisely. Kindly note that you are responsible for all the information you submit and it cannot be changed once the process is underway.
  • Indicate the appropriate processing time for your visa: Standard 3 working day service or Urgent service (get result in1 day, 6-8 hours, or 4 hours), or priority service (get approval letter just after 2 working hours)
  • After completing the application, you will then be prompted for your payment. You can conveniently do this with credit card. Prices are varied depending on your selected services: standard, urgent or priority.
  • We will submit your visa application to Vietnam Immigration Department on your behalf. After the required processing time that you selected on applying with us, you will receive an approval letter via your email address, and a copy of it will also be sent to the appropriate Vietnam Embassy/Consulate or Immigration Point at Vietnam International Airports so that visa officers can check and issue visa upon your arrival.
  • The approval letter will allow you to board your departure flight, so make sure you have it printed out in advance and bring along with you to the airport to present at the check-in counter.
  • Upon arrival at one of Vietnam’s international airports, look for the visa checkpoint to complete the visa process. You will be required to fill a form (Download this form here and done in advance to your trip), then submit it with your approval letter, origin passport, 2 passport-sized photos and pay the stamping fee accordingly to get your visa stamped.

Note: You should make sure where you want to get your visa stamped: at the airport upon arrival or at Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate prior to your departure, we will fax your approval letter to the appropriate place. Once you submit your request, we will start processing your visa, so there will be no chance to amend any information. In case of any changes required, you will have to apply a new visa.

Additional Information:

  • Vietnam’s time zone follows GMT+7 hours.
  • Working hours and days for the Vietnam State Office is Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 16:30.
  • If you require additional assistance from our office, we are available from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 17:00 on weekdays and from 08:00 to 12:00 on Saturdays.


  • January 1: New Year’s Celebrations
  • Around January to February: Traditional Lunar New Year’s Festival (Tet Holiday)
  • 10th of the third lunar month: Ancestor Worship Anniversary
  • April 30: Saigon Liberation Day
  • May 1: International Labor Day
  • September 2: National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Holidays which fall at the weekends are extended into the first days of the following week.