I am India citizens schedule to go to Vietnam. I just stay in Vietnam for 30 days longer. I will be appreciate if I can get the answer for this question: how long can India citizens stay in Vietnam?

India citizens are not listed in the Vietnam visa exemption list. To be allowed to enter Vietnam, getting a Vietnam visa is necessary for you. The below information about Vietnam visa length validity is necessary for India nationals.

According to Vietnam Immigration Department, foreigners including India citizens can request Vietnam visa with the validity of 3 months at the maximum. For purpose of tourist, Vietnam Immigration Department will issue your visa valid to 30 days. Consequently, India passport holders can apply for both 1 month and 3 months Vietnam visa.

Many India nationals desire to stay longer 3 months in Vietnam. Visa extension and renewal service are recommended for India people who plan to stay longer than 3 months in Vietnam. To assist Indians stay in Vietnam longer 3 months, we need your original passport to extend or renew your Vietnam visa, so it must be submitted to our office directly. India citizens as well as foreign citizens can extend Vietnam visa 3 or 4 continuous times.

By using Vietnam visa extension or renewal, India citizens can are permitted to stay longer in Vietnam without exiting. With Vietnam visa on arrival, India citizens can re-enter the Vietnam easily. Using Vietnam visa on arrival, you can save time, money. That is reason why India nationals planning to enter Vietnam more than one time during a given period are suggested to request this visa type.