What if your visit to Vietnam is about to come to an end, but you still got so many things to take care of? Well, you don’t have to get concerned anymore about this issue as you can opt for Vietnam visa extension. In order to get ready for the extension application, you will require:

A valid passport with at least one blank page left
And of course the visa extension payment
So you no longer need to leave the country when you have so many important things to do or just want to spend some extra time with your family & friends. Although the fee required depends on what nationality you are, the kind of visa you are planning to opt for along with the time of extension needed. You can get it extended for around 1-3 months and the processing duration generally takes a week’s time or sometimes might require 10 days. So, to apply for an extension you need to ensure your current visa has at least 1-2 week time before it gets outdated.

Extension vs. Renewal: The price of visa renewal is more than the Vietnam visa extension process. Indeed they are technically similar, as both of them are availed to prolong your stay in Vietnam, but there’s a slight variation. For those who don’t require a visa to stay in Vietnam, they ideally need to apply for a renewal and not an extension. The extension provides you with a new seal indicating the new visiting duration while the renewal process helps in acquiring a new stamp and a sticker showing the new duration in the country.

Generally, the visas granted to visit the country allows you to stay there for a maximum of three months, however an extension is easy to get when you follow the right channel. There are agencies available right now to help you with the extension process, so you no longer have to run around the immigration office to get the work done. It’s simple and you can apply for a Vietnam visa extension through the online service providers. So no matter where you stay in the country presently, it’s simple to apply for it comfortably. All you will be required to do is to scan your present visa, passport and send it to the company who provides these services for a swift review. Following which you will be informed about the extension charges and once you approve it, they will proceed forward in getting your original passport sealed with the new extension period. In case, you have a special work permit, then you can get up to six months extension unlike business or tourist visas that are generally extended between 1-3 months.

Now, you can apply for Vietnam visa extension right here online in a hassle freeway and get it done by professionals in the visa industry.