Express visa is related to urgent visa for Indians who want to procure the visa for Vietnam and other countries for that matter. There are some circumstances which are not controlled by you and to get rid of all those difficulties and problems you can avail express visa. Express visa falls under certain categories which are to get visa within few hours or get visa on arriving to Vietnam. All those passengers who come by air need visa to enter Vietnam for various purpose from business to tourist and student visa. Mistakes are a part of human life and if by chance if forget to apply for the visa in advance do not get tensed since express visa brings to you the finest of services.

Types of Express Visa falls under the categories:

Procure Vietnam visa urgently – for all those who want to get the visa in a few hours probably within 4 to 8 hours is the time period. To apply for such kind of visa you have to do it within the working days which are from Monday to Friday. The application does not hold well if you apply on holidays.

Procure Vietnam visa by express service – the duration of such kind of visa is half an hour to four hours and is considered to be the fastest means. Even to procure express visa you have to apply on the working day and in such case you get the visa on the same day as well.

Vietnam visa for holidaying – the visa holds well for those who apply on holiday and reach Vietnam on the same day but the charge is more. For single entry as well as multiple entries the fee varies.

To avoid any of the given circumstances, you should apply for the visa 1 to 2 weeks before. As far as express visa for Indians is concerned it follows a slightly different process than visa on arrival and applying for visa online. At times certain situations demand you to get express visa as when somebody close to you falls ill or due to other unforeseen situations. The fees to get express Vietnam visa varies on how Indians get it. If you are applying for express Vietnam visa service online make sure that you reach the authenticated site which does not allow any sort of fraudulency. The cost of Express visa will be on the higher side.

The service of Express Visa is extremely beneficial in comparison to urgent visa as well as the time period for getting and applying for the visa is less. Documents and photographs along with passport are required in getting express Vietnam visa as well. For urgent business conference you can enrol for Express visa. To get major information about Express Vietnam visa service, contact the embassies in your country. Before you plunge in to apply for the visa make sure that you have got all the information correct and the procedure set for the application beforehand.