In Lao Chai – Ta Van village Sapa, Vietnam , you can enjoy the spectacular landscape like a painting and understand more about life of ethnic people.

Walking away from the center of the bustling town to go along Cau May, then turn to Muong Hoa, you will experience a different life of ethnic people in Lao Chai and Ta Van – the villages holding many characteristics of H’mong, Dao, Giay, Tay, etc.

Lao Chai – Ta Van village Sapa Vietnam in grain season
While Sapa is a bustling and busy town, Lao Chai – Ta Van village are found as more quiet and peaceful. The first impression that makes you surprise when you come to these villages is the terraced rice fields which spread across the hillside.

If you go to Sapa – one of the most beautiful Vietnam tourist spots, during the time between April and September, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the golden rice fields which look like a beautiful landscape painting.

Grain season is also the time when the village is the noisiest and coziest. Fragrant flavor of rice blends into the wind, spreads in space and invites visitors to come and experience the life of the highland people.

Diverse culture
Aside from the spectacular and majestic scenery of nature, visitors who come to Lao Chai – Ta Van village will have the opportunity to walk and enjoy all the beauty of culture here. Lao Chai is 7km from the center of Sapa town. It is a commune with more than 100 families of black H’mong ethnic people.

H’mong people here have experience on intensive farming of rice in low paddy fields in the valley. They also grow maize, cassava and upland rice on hillsides, ridge behind the village.

Ta Van village is located next to Lao Chai. This is the living place of mainly Giay ethnic with 40 households and few other ethnics.

Giay people have a stable settlement and always choose the lowlands in the valley near rivers for rice cultivation while H’mong people prefer highland to grow maize, cassava and upland rice.

There is a limpid Muong Hoa spring in front of Ta Van village with its back lied to Hoang Lien Son mountain range. From Ta Van, you can travel very conveniently to other popular tourist destinations of Sapa such as Cau May, Ta Phin, ancient rock area, Silver waterfall, Giang Ta Chai, etc.

An ideal location for trekking
With the majestic beauty of the terraced fields, mountains or waterfalls, etc., it is no exaggeration to say that Lao Chai – Ta Van village is extremely ideal location for trekking activities.

The walking tour of the village not only helps you enjoy fully its natural beauty, but also makes you understand more about life, living style and culture of the locals when travelling to Sapa.