Experience different beauty and emotions through four seasons of Hanoi: spring, summer, autumn, winter to feel a really unique Hanoi.

Hanoi weather (also the North of Vietnam) is humid tropical with typical feature: hot summer with a lot of rain (rainy season) and cold winter rarely with rain (dry season).

Moreover, there are two interference periods between the rainy season and dry season creating the spring and autumn in Hanoi while Saigon and Da Lat (from Da Nang to the South of Vietnam) has only rainy season and dry season.

The capital of Vietnam receives quite high humidity and rainfall. Annually, the average humidity is 79% and rainfall is 1.800 mm with over 100 rain days every year.

The dry season has average temperature of 29.2 degrees Celsius from May to September. The average temperature of the dry season is 15.2 degrees Celsius, lasting from November to March next year.

These two seasons have two interference periods in April and October so Hanoi can be said to have four seasons a year including spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The weather changes following four beautiful seasons and makes Hanoi weather diversified.

Hanoi summer lasts from May to July with hot weather possibly reaching 42 degrees Celsius some days. Hanoi flood season also drops in summer with large rainfalls in about 1-2 hours in the evening.

In the summer afternoons, rarely people go out due to the burning heat from surfaces of roads. It seems not many ones like Hanoi summer but it is also an exciting season with green trees and various fruits on the streets.

After moving to autumn gradually, Hanoi weather becomes stable with a little sunny and rainfalls from August to October, however, the common weather is dry.

Between the middle and end of the autumn, trees start changing new leaves. A lot of yellow leaves fall off the road telling the winter is turning.

It can be said that autumn is the best season in Hanoi and the Northern Vietnam to visit (Saigon and the Southern Vietnam don’t have autumn). The weather is colder gradually from October and daytime temperatures drop to 24-25 degrees Celsius. The fog looks so dim in the afternoon and evening.

Hanoi winter’s temperatures are really low at about 9-10 degrees Celsius from November to February next year, and people who aren’t accustomed to cold weather don’t like this. However, the winter still seems to be pleasant than the summer. At the same time, snow falls in Sapa and Dong Van while Hanoi never has snow.

Based on travel news Vietnam, people wear a lot of warm clothes like cotton coat, think jackets, scarves, gloves and masks as Ninja when they drive motorbikes on the road. That may be the reason why Hanoi people don’t like winter.

Contrarily, people in Saigon or Southern areas are really fond of the winter because they don’t have much chance to experience cold weather at places they live.

This season is actually not clear in Hanoi. People think the spring begins when Tet holiday comes. However, the winter actually comes from March when a lot of flowers begin blooming. The end of spring is April. It is still the winter on Tet holiday with low temperatures at 9-14 degrees Celsius or higher at 15-19 degrees Celsius.

Light sunny and week-long drizzle appear in the early spring and trees begin making flowers and fruits at the end of the season.