Weather in Dalat is comfortably cool all year, you’ll want to be here every time of year, so just read to decide the best time to visit by yourself!
Dalat is very famous for not only its poetic scenery but also comfortably cool weather all year. ​

Weather in Dalat Vietnam in one day reflects the characteristics of four seasons typically in the Northern Vietnam, being seen as the attraction of Dalat tourism. Let’s learn Dalat weather in four seasons:

Spring (January – March)
Spring is the best time to visit Dalat Vietnam when you will have chance to admire the beauty of the city with flowers.

Dalat during the spring is filled with pink of peach flowers and many other blooming flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, apricot flower, carnation flower, etc.

Spring is always the most beautiful season of the year because Dalat weather in spring is cool. This is also the time of celebrating the New Year with many special cultural festivals.

Besides, you will have chance to participate in the unique Da Lat Flower Festival (held once every 2 years), gong festival and stream god worship festival (held in March each year).

You should wear a thin jacket to deal with slightly cold weather in Dalat spring.

Summer (May – September)
If Dalat is filled with peach flowers in the spring, the summer is the time for purple flamboyant flowers blooming in many large or small roads.

Purple flamboyant flowers often appear around May or June, so you should make good use of this time to enjoy a dreamy purple Dalat.

Summer is also the time to admire green tea plantation in Dalat, come to enjoy the cool scent of tea tree and take the most beautiful photos in the spacious tea plantation.

In summer, Dalat weather possesses four seasons in one day. In the dawn, it is engulfed in fog like in spring. In the midday, it is hot like in summer. In the sunset, Dalat is as romantic as it is in the autumn. At night, it is like in the chilly winter.

From May to June, it often rains in Dalat. If you love romantic scenery, this is the ideal time to enjoy a cup of hot coffee, look out the rain and watch the lovely city.

Autumn (October – November)
Dalat autumn lasts not long yet it’s deeply impressed to tourists thanks to the beauty of wild sunflowers.

Every October, roads in Dalat are full of wild sunflowers that are yellow and grown naturally.

Travelling to Da Lat in autumn, you will have chance to experience freezing air with weather at night like in winter. So don’t forget to prepare for yourself both thin and warm coats.

Winter (November – January)
Dalat in winter is strangely peaceful. At the transition moment from autumn to winter, the city is still flooded of yellow wild sunflowers, therefore, travelling there at this time if you want to admire the beauty of this flower.

In the December, weather in Dalat drops to the lowest temperature and this is also the time for blooming cauliflowers and sunflowers.

It is suitable to travel to Da Lat in every single season. Dalat Vietnam weather in each season is different, you can go in any season that you like.

As a suggestion of travel news Vietnam, the best time to travel to Dalat is from November to March (from beginning of winter to the next spring). And late October and early November is also the time of blooming wild sunflower season. In spring, there are apricot flowers and many other beautiful flowers helping it the most beautiful season of the year.