Here are attractive places that many tourists go shopping in Dalat, Vietnam and bring interesting things to their home.
When travelling somewhere, tourists not only just go sightseeing beautiful views but they also love to go shopping. Especially there are many interesting things to buy when you travel to the place that you don’t live in.

Here are some attractive places for you to go shopping in Dalat – one of famous Vietnam tourist places, let’s check them out!

Da Lat market
Of course when tourists travel to any places, they would like to buy the specialties of that place to bring home for their family and friends like souvenirs.

In Dalat shopping, there are a lot of interesting specialties that you cannot deny. The first stop you should drop by is Da Lat market located right at the center of the city so that would be very convenient for tourists to come by.

At the market, there is almost everything you want to buy. In front of the market is a long line of stalls selling agricultural products, for example: vegetables, artichokes, Dalat strawberry.

Go inside a little more, you will see kiosks selling flowers, food and a lot of clothing made of wool. Dalat is well-known for wool products which are nice and reasonable price. Dalat market is an interesting high light while you are in Dalat.

Shops sell specialties
Along Phu Dong ThienVuong Street, from the five way junction at the college to Mai Anh Dao Street, this street is considered the one that has most shops selling specialties in Da Lat shopping.

Tourists can drop by any one of them to enjoy Da Lat specialties like: jam or preserved fruits. There are many kinds of preserved fruits, for example: strawberry jam, preserved red berry, preserved sweet potato, preserved artichoke or coffee and preserved vegetables.

You can eat all the jam right at the shop, then you can decide which one you love to buy later or that is ok if you do not want to buy anything. The specialty shops are also a familiar stop in many tours of dalat shopping.

Recently, there is a new brand name that includes a chain of shops which are attractive decoration, clean and elegant and located in very good place in down town or in some tourist areas.

That is called L’angfarm, the first retail chain in dalat shopping mall that sells famous specialties of Da lat: artichoke tea, coffee, strawberry jam, red wine, preserved fruits, dried and crispy vegetables, herb tea, tea bags, first fruit extract, etc.

L’angfarm sells products that have clear origin, good quality and good price. That is why it becomes more and more attractive to tourists when they visit Da Lat.

Underworld market
“Underworld market” is a fun name to call Da Lat night market. Many years ago, when people go dalat shopping, there was not electric light, just the unsteadily light from oil lamps. Then they call this market with the fun name “Underworld market”.

Go shopping in dalatVietnam at night, you will have interesting experience. This market attracts a lot of tourists coming every night. The main products on sale are: grill rice paper, boiled snails, grilled corn, pastry, hot soya milk, some popular dishes of food and a lot of clothes made of wool that are not as various as in other places but quite cheaper.

Tourists can hang out, breathes the cool air of the city and enjoy a good pastry with a hot cup of soya milk.