The diplomatic relation between Vietnam and India has been set up for 40 years since 1973 . Hence, entering Vietnam for purpose of business is easy for India citizens. This article is brief guidelines on the issue; it is especially helpful for those having the question “Can Indians apply for Vietnam business visa”

To be eligible to enter Vietnam for business purpose, India nationals are necessary to have Vietnam visa stamped on passport departure or a pre-approved Vietnam visa. 6 months valid passport is one of requirement that you need make sure before applying for Vietnam visa.

Vietnam business visa can be issued as 3 months visa (either single or multiple entries). Leaving a notice about the purpose of entry in the visa application form is strongly advised in case you want to get 1 month Vietnam business visa. Otherwise, a Vietnam business visa which is valid for 3 months will be granted for you

In the past, applicants often get Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy directly. But, it is not the case now for Indian citizens at present. Applying online for Vietnam visa on arrival is strongly recommended. no embassy visiting and no passport submitting are among the seen advantages that Vietnam visa on arrival brings out .By applying for business visa Vietnam on arrival, Indians just need to submit your Vietnam visa application online. It takes 2-3 business days to issue Vietnam visa approval letter for India citizens

The cost of Vietnam business visa India citizen

Paying a higher fee is the common case for India nationals when applying for Vietnam visa. At our agent, we charge the same fee rate applied for other nationalities such as US, UK, or Australian,etc.

Details on Vietnam visa fee for Indians can be seen at the visa fee page

It takes 3 working days to finish Vietnam visa approval letter for India citizens. we will send you an email to confirm the exact time to get the letter after receive the your form and payment .To get Vietnam visa stamped onto passport, India citizens should go to counter of Vietnam visa on arrival at Vietnam airport. It takes only 15 minutes as the longest.

The usage of Vietnam visa for Indians

India citizen as well as citizens of other countries are eligible to perform your tourist purpose with a valid Vietnam business visa.
Using Vietnam visa extension is the best option in case you wish to stay longer than your Vietnam visa’s permitted duration. Submitting your passport to us is required to get a new Vietnam visa stamped onto passport without exiting. India nationals can be able to stay in Vietnam more 1 or 3 months by using Vietnam visa extension.