Both parents are Vietnamese, and the children were born and raised in other countries, giving them dual citizenship. Will the children be excused from having to obtain a visa to enter Vietnam in this case? If so, what are the steps and costs?

“Foreigners who are spouses and children of Vietnamese citizens carry passports or valid international travel documents issued by foreign competent authorities; according to government laws, foreigners who are spouses and children of Vietnamese citizens are exempt from visas.”

Visa-free travel for Vietnamese living in other countries:
The following are the conditions for visa exemption for overseas Vietnamese and foreigners who are the wives or children of overseas Vietnamese or Vietnamese citizens:
Have a valid passport or other international travel document that is valid for at least one year;
Documents confirming that you are the child of a Vietnamese residing overseas; it does not fall under the 2014 Law on Foreigners’ Entry, Exit, Transit, and Residency in Vietnam, which prohibits entry and suspends exit.
A visa-free certificate can only be obtained by persons who are visiting family members or dealing with personal matters in Vietnam. The visa waiver certificate is only valid for 5 years and is at least 6 months shorter than the authorized person’s passport or foreign travel document’s validity period.

Passport, foreign travel document, or permanent residency permit issued by a competent authority overseas (valid for at least one year) are among the application documents for a visa exemption certificate.
The application for a visa exemption certificate is accompanied by two photographs (01 photos are pasted in the statement).
Documents demonstrating your eligibility for a visa waiver certificate include the following:
Certified true copies or copies attached to the originals for document comparison confirming that they are Vietnamese citizens or offspring of Vietnamese living abroad;
Birth certificate, decision to renounce Vietnamese nationality or certificate of loss of Vietnamese nationality, other documents written with Vietnamese nationality, or valid proof of your parents’ previous Vietnamese nationality are examples of documents proving that the father or mother is a Vietnamese citizen or a Vietnamese living abroad.
Agency: You can apply for a visa exemption at the Vietnamese embassy (if you are residing abroad) or the Vietnam Immigration Office (if you are temporarily living in Vietnam) (if you are temporarily living in Vietnam).

Processing time: The Vietnamese embassy or immigration office will assess and issue a visa exemption certificate for you within 05 working days of receiving your complete application.