Let’s try cooking these popular vegetarian foods in Vietnam with so quick and easy recipes in detail.
Frugality combined with strange taste, our five vegetarian dishes in Vietnam below will make you satisfied.

Mixed Vegetarian Eal Vermicelli

  • Vermicelli made of green beans
  • Soya curd
  • Shitake mushroom; roasted peanuts; celery, carrot, bean sprouts, pickled scallion heads, a sufficient amount of soya-sauce.


  • Roasted peanuts are uncoated and slightly pounded
  • Choose mushroom of small heads, soak in water until bloom, use scissors to cut off the mushroom heads
  • Mix the mushroom with little flavor powder made of mushroom and five-taste scent in 15 minutes for deep combination.
  • Dust the mushroom with crispy fried powder mix for even adhesion.
  • Heat the oil then add mushroom to fry until it turns yellow, take out and put on the oil control paper.
  • Parboil vermicelli into boiled water, pour out to empty water, mix the vermicelli with little cooking oil to prevent from sticking together.
  • Cut soya curb into thin slice and fry until they get crispy yellow, cut into small cubes. Cut celery into small pieces and carrot into thin thread. Parboil celery, carrot and bean sprouts in boiled water with a handful of salt. Take them out and soak in cold water to keep the vegetable’s original colors and taste brittle.
  • Sour pickled scallion heads, crush chili, soya sauce, sugar, lime and water are mixed to make a sweet-and-sour sauce. Mix all the ingredients above together with the sweet-and-sour sauce
  • Prepare a bowl of vermicelli with the mixture of spices, dust the roasted peanuts. Now a delicious vegetarian Vietnamese food is ready to serve!

Taro spring rolls

  • 3 tofu skin sheets (tofu skin is a product made of skin on soya milk, then dried. The tofu skin is nutritious, tasteful and plays as a main ingredient in common vegetarian food in Vietnam)
  • 1/2 onion bulb; ½ carrot; 2 mushroom heads; 1 egg; 500 g Indian taro; 30 g cripsy fried powder mix; 30 g small spring onion; 15 ml soya sauce; ½ teaspoon of pepper


  • Onion is uncoated; carrot is peeled and cut into small pieces.
  • Soak mushroom in water, then wash cleanly, cut into small pieces. Small spring onion is cut as well.
  • Indian taro is peeled, cut into small cubes and steam until done. Use a fork to thrust then let it cool down.
  • Heat the pan with little cooking oil, fry onion, carrot and mushroom together. Add soya sauce, pepper into the mixture and cool down.
  • Pour the fried mixture into a bowl. Add egg, corn powder, crispy fried powder mix into and mix well.
  • Wipe the tofu skin sheets by wet towel then cut a sheet into 4 sections. Wrap the mixture in the sheet and make it a roll as usual.
  • Heat the pan, add cooking oil and fry them. Fry until the roll skin gets crispy yellow.
  • Prepare the rolls in a disk, let them cool down and enjoy this vegetarian food Vietnam!

Vegetarian spring rolls

  • 1 package of rice wrapping cake, 2 soya curds, a handful of vermicelli
  • 1 carrot, 1 beet, 10g of peziza
  • Houttuynia, basil, perilla, scallion. Black soybean sauce, roasted peanuts, crushed chili. Cucumber are peeled and cut into thread.


  • Carrot and beet are peeled, cut into thread and boiled well. Soak peziza into water and cut into thread.
  • Cut soya curd into small cubes and fry to yellow. Soak vermicelli in water and cut in short thread. Pick up and wash the vegetables cleanly.
  • Heat the cooking out, put carrot, peziza, beet into and fry with soybean sauce, then add vermicelli and turn off the cook.
  • Soften the wrapping cake and stretch it, put cucumber and vegetable onto. Then add the mixture of carrot, peziza, and beet. Finally put soya curd, scallion and wrap it carefully. Serve well with black soybean jam to feel its slight sweet.

Soft silken tofu sauced with Chinese mushroom

  • Fine tofu: 1 pack
  • Fresh Chinese mushroom: 100g
  • Small spring onion, a branch of coriander, vegetarian oyster oil, soya sauce, salt, seasame oil, a teaspoon of tapioca starch


  • Cut off the Chinese mushroom’s body, soak in lightly salted water in 15’. Wash the fine tofu and cut into cubes. Keep them by food wrap, cook well in the microwave oven in approx 2’. Or you can cook the fine tofu well by parboiling in salt-added boiled water.
  • After soaking, dry the mushroom and cut into small slices. Small spring onion and coriander are washed cleanly, then cut into small pieces. Keep the spring onion origin aside.

Heat the pan with sesame oil. Put the spring onion origin into the pan to raise its smell. Add mushroom, vegetarian oyster oil and soya sauce then cook well. Mix a teaspoon of tapioca starch in some water, poor into the pan and add spices to taste well.

  • When the mushroom is cooked well, turn off the cook, mix well with small spring onion. Put mushroom together with the boiled water above into the disk of cooked fine tofu. Pour the sauce on the tofu disk to get deep combination. Now enjoy one of delicious vegetarian dishes in Vietnam.

Vegetarian rice noodle

  • 1 kg of fresh noodle (4 servings)
  • 2 soya curds, 10 g of peziza, 1 carrot, fried crispy wrapping cake
  • 1 cucumber, coriander, roasted peanut, soya sauce, sugar, chili
  • Fried soya curds, cut into thread. Carrot is peel and cut into thread. The peziza is soaked and cut into thread. Lightly fry the carrot, peziza and soya curds.
  • Wash the vegetable and cut into small pieces. Cucumber is cut into thin slices.
  • Crush chili, garlic and add into the soya sauce with little sugar to prepare a sauce.
  • Parboil the noodles and make it ready in a bowl. Add cucumber and vegetable onto. Then put soya curd, peziza, carrot, the fried crispy wrapping cake and roasted peanut. Pour the sauce and mix well to have a vegetarian Vietnamese food.