Vietnam visa application for Indian from Bangkok

Regulations published by Vietnam goverment state that the holders of Indian passport must present a visa to visit Vietnam. If you are a Indian and living in Bangkok, here’s practical information about how to get Vietnam visa for Indian passport holders in Bangkok

Indian citizens can obtain visa for Vietnam either at the airport of entry or by visiting Vietnam Embassy in Bangkok. The sticker visa obtained at arrival airport or at the embassy will grant you 30 or 90 days with single or multiple entry to Vietnam starting from the expected date of travel you entered in the application form.

Obtain Vietnam Visa On Arrival
Vietnam visa on arrival facility is the best and favorite way of getting visa to Vietnam today as it resolves all hassles that you often get when apply at the embassy. By way of visa upon arrival, you can enjoy comfort to apply for the visa online from your home without submitting any origin documents. Additionally, the processing time of your visa will be a minimum of 1 hour to 48 hours.

Please follow 4 steps below to pick up your Vietnam visa Indian on landing at the airport:
Enter all the required information in the online application form and submit it
Use credit/debit card to pay processing fee
Obtain visa approval letter via email after 2 business days or less
Present the letter, your origin passport, completed entry-exit form, 01 latest passport photo and pay stamping fee at Vietnam Immigration Counter to get visa stamp on the passport from custom official.
Note: The Indian citizens entering Vietnam via land border are not issued visa on arrival. They have to obtain the visas only from Vietnam Embassy in Bangkok or get e-visa before traveling.

Obtain Vietnam Visa From Embassy
Step 1: Download the application form from embassy’s website and fill it out
Step 2: Take a passport-photo and glue it on the completed, signed application form.
Step 3: Obtain the visa approval from Immigration Authority or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam
Step 4: Submit the application form, your passport, visa approval and non-refundable processing fee at the embassy
Step 5: Visit the embassy to collect the visa for Vietnam

Processing time:
It often takes 4 business days for the embassy to issue your visa. If you are in a rush, the express service is available for additional cost.

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Thailand
Chancery: 83/1 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok , Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 2 251 3552; +66 (0) 2 251 5838; +66 (0) 2 251 7202
Fax: +66 (0) 2 251 7201; +66 (0) 2 251 7203
Email: vnemb.th@mofa.gov.vn
Website: https://vnembassy-bangkok.mofa.gov.vn​

The Consulate General of Vietnam in Khonkaen – Thailand
Adress: 65/6 Chatapadung, Khonkaen 40000
Phone: (+60-043) 242 190
Fax: (+60-0​43)​ 241 154
Email: konkaen.th@mofa.gov.vn
Website : vnconsulate-khonkaen.mofa.gov.vn

Note: make sure your passport valid for at least 6 months by the time you enter Vietnam and have unused pages available.
If you have any inquiries about Vietnam visa for Indian passport holders in Bangkok after reading this article, please feel free to contact us anytime for help.

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Getting Vietnam tourist visa for Indian

If you are looking for Vietnam tourist visa for your arrival by air, there’s nothing better than visa on arrival, which is both convenient and reasonable. Read on to know how to get the tourist visa on arrival and its price.

1. How to apply?
Here are 4 steps that you should follow to obtain a tourist visa upon arrival:
– Fill out visa application form online
– Make payment for the service fee via OnePay or PayPal. The payment is accepted with credit card or debit card.
– Receive visa approval letter after 2 working days (excluding weekends)
– Bring the approval letter with you to the airport for checking in flights and getting travel visa at arrival airport

2. Fee

Fee for tourist visa on arrival is divided into: processing fee and stamping fee. Processing fee is paid at the time of application for the issuance of visa approval letter and stamping fee is collected at arrival airport by Immigration Official to give you a visa stamp.

Please look at processing fee for Vietnam tourist visa for Indian  in the table below:

Visa type

Service fee

Stamp fee

is required on arrival
1 month single entry

25 USD

1 month multiple entries

50 USD

3 months single entry
20 USD

25 USD

The stamping fee is the same for every foreign national: USD 25 for single entry (1 month and 3 months), USD 50 for multiple entry.
For any inquires about Vietnam visa for Indian, please feel free contact us at any time. We promise to give you the best support at the earliest time.

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How To Get Vietnam Tourist Visa For Indian From Australia

Similar to Indian citizens living or staying in almost other countries, the ones from Australia are also able to get Vietnam tourist visa Indian in 2 different ways: by embassy in the country or online for Vietnam visa on arrival. For increasing popularity of the later, the article will disclose its details.

What is vietnam visa on arrival?

All visitors entering Vietnam by air are entitled to lodge visa application online to be granted a visa on landing at all Vietnam’s international airports. As issued by Vietnam Immigration Department, the type of visa has the same legitimacy as the one the applicants receive from the embassies of Vietnam located all over the world.

What benefits from visa on arrival?
1. Fee for Vietnam visa tourist Indian will be a bit cheaper. If you apply online for visa on arrival through our website, the highest fee you have to pay is $30 (3 month multiple visa) and the lowest is 5$ (1 month single visa).

2. You don’t need to send off your passport to Vietnam Embassy. Meanwhile, visa on arrival program allows you to register for the visa online with no requirements on the paperwork.

Indian citizens just need to prepare documents before takeoff so that they can meet the requirements to get full visa at arrival airports in Vietnam.

Tourist Visa On Arrival Process
If you wish your Vietnam visa Indian to be ready for collection at arrival airport, please follow the procedure with care:

– Fill out the application form online correctly

– Use credit/debit card to pay the processing fee. The payment may be also made with cas via Paypal.

– Receive visa approval letter in your email within 2 business days or less.

– Get visa stamped at the airport of arrival by submitting the following documents: original and valid passport, visa approval letter, 01 passport-sized photo, completed entry-exit form and stamping fee (25$ for single visas, 50$ for multiple visa)

3. The processing is very fast. Generally, the embassy asks you to wait 5 days until receive the tourist visa in hand. However, the result for your visa application is often confirmed after 2 business days. A few agents are able to assist you to get the result even much shorter, for 1 working day, 4 working hours or even 1 working hour only.

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Vietnam Visa on Arrival Online ( Voa Vietnamese)

Entry into Vietnam
The requirements for Vietnam differ depending on your Nationality, length of stay and purpose of visit. If you are a citizen of the USA, UK or Canada you will require a visa. This can be acquired easily and conveniently online using our online visa on arrival service.

Most ASEAN countries have a bilateral agreement with Vietnam whereby visa entry is waived for visits up to 30 days. Similarly citizens of Scandinavia, Russia, Japan and South Korea can stay for up to 15 days. Vietnam

Visa on arrival ( Voa Vietnamese)
A VOA is an approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. It is stamped and validated ‘on your arrival.’ You can apply for a single, or multiple entry VOA for a period of 1 or 3 months.

Air travel only
This service is only available for air passengers. Entry to Vietnam must be at one of the following airports:

 – Noi Bai (Hanoi)
 – Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh City)
 – Danang (Da Nang)
 – Cam Ranh (Nha Trang)
 – Cat Bi (Hai Phong)
 – Phu Quoc (Phu Quoc)
 – Lien Khuong (Da Lat)

Obtain your visa
Vietnamvisas.in offers a convenient way to get your Vietnam visa on arrival. Complete our online application form. Receive your visa documents by email in as little as 1 day. The service includes:

– Official approval letter
– Entry and exit forms
– Full instructions
– Help and support

Fast, low-cost processing service
We offer 3 different services depending on how quickly you require your visa:

– Standard 1-2 working days
– Urgent 4-8 business hours
– Express 1 hours

The price depends on the visa types. One month single visa costs $6. Our fee is inclusive; we do not charge extra fee for admin or credit card fees.
If your application is declined for any reason – we’ll give you a full refund.

Apply now
Online – through our secure, encrypted website
By email – download our visa application form, complete and email to info@vietnamvisas.in

Information you need
Passport – the passport number and expiry date for each applicant.
Travel details – arrival date, where you are travelling from, and which airport you’ll arrive at.

Haven’t confirmed your travel plans?
If you haven’t confirmed your flight reservation, it’s still possible to apply. The visa will be valid for travel any time from the date you specify. You must depart within the permitted timeframe.

Arrival in Vietnam
When you arrive at the airport, you’ll go immediately to the Immigration Desk. Present your approval letter, complete entry and exit forms, and 2 passport sized photographs.
The Vietnam Immigration department charges a fee to process the visa at the airport. This is $25 per person for single entry and is payable in cash at the desk. The officer will check the paperwork, and then stamp your form.
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Useful tips Before applying for Vietnam visa from Indian

Getting well acquainted with the immigration laws of one country before travelling is very important. Vietnam is also not an exception for travelers including Indian citizens. Before entering Vietnam, Indian citizens have to be in possession of Vietnam visa. In order to get visa for Vietnam for Indian on time, you have to know some useful tips on getting the visa.

Before applying for Vietnam visa from Indian

Getting the visa to Vietnam will be much easier for it is wise to know the useful tips before starting Vietnam visa application. In fact, anyone can apply for Vietnam visa with two available options. These options will be all- inclusive of the applicant’s needs. Indian citizens can choose the option which is much more familiar with.

Where to apply visa from Indian

The embassy application has proved to be outstanding as it can process for Vietnam visa for Indian from any means of transport: by land, sea or air. Meanwhile those using online visa application have to take a flight to Vietnam to be able to use visa on arrival. Having the tips to get the visa to Vietnam is so fundamental.

However, submitting for a rush visa to the embassy may not be a good suggestion when the processing time is often from 3 to 5 working days whereas applying online takes only 1 to 2 working days for normal process, or even a few hours.

Which types of visa for Indian: single/ multiple entry visa?

No matter what types of your Vietnam visa is tourist or business visa, the applicants have to point out the visa is multiple or single entry one. While the former allows you to enter and exit as many times as you wish, the later allows just only once. In case you are going to land in Vietnam, cross border into Laos or Cambodia, and then come back to Vietnam for flight home, remember to use multiple entry visa for Indian. Otherwise, you will have to apply for a new one when come back to Vietnam on the way home. Getting the tips will save you a lot of time and money.

While applying Vietnam visa

When you have the tips of getting a Vietnam visa, then all becomes simplified for you. If you apply via the embassy, you can choose different types of visa services provided by the embassy. Two passport photos, an application fee, and an original passport are some of the essential things you must have when going to the embassy. In addition, it should be misunderstanding when supposing that the procedure and requirements at every embassy of Vietnam is the same. In case you get the visa through online application, one must first be connected to the internet. It may be at home. Accordingly, after logging into the website, proceed with the filling of the application form. Note that all fields in the application form must be filled correctly. The details on your passport must be those entered on the application form. Otherwise, this will create confusion.

For visa fee to submit at the embassy, you most likely need some cash that is payable to the embassy. For online application, visa service fee will be paid online with credit or debit card.

After applying Vietnam visa for Indian

After finishing the application, you will receive the full visa from the embassy before your departure. After that, you will get peace of mind getting on board to the country.

In case you get visa on arrival, you will not receive the full visa but a visa approved letter from the immigration department via email. You are to download the letter that you may use it to obtain your visa at any Vietnam airport. When getting full visa at the arrival airport, you will need to show the letter, the attached entry and exit form, original passport, passport- size photo and stamping fee in cash in USD/ VND.

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Processing time of Vietnam visa for Indian citizens

Currently, there are 2 ways of applying Vietnam visa:

1. Apply at Vietnam Embassy (good for arrivals via overland)

2. Apply online through travel agents (excellent for arrivals at the airport)

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. In case, you are not in a hurry, you can choose the former. Meanwhile, the later is more suitable if you are in a rush.

1. processing time at the embassy of Vietnam in India

5 working days:
To apply Vietnam visa at the embassy of Vietnam in India, the applicants are supposed to wait for visa result for 5 working days as normal process. In case you use application by post, remember that Vietnam visa processing time starts from the date of application is well- received, not from the date it is dispatched.

2 working days:
If you want to receive visa Vietnam for a shorter time, request express service in which your visa takes 2 working days to be processed. If you apply by email, your request is automatically considered as express request. However, when you come to the embassy for collection, don’t forget to bring original passport and application form to visit the embassy in person.

1 working day
It is applied in all 3 types of visa services provided by Vietnam embassy: in person, by email, by post. You should specify as next day processing to order for this service.

Be noticed that the information is applied for the embassy of Vietnam in India only. It means that you may find the different processing time in other embassy of Vietnam in the world.

2. Processing time through travel agents
If the maximum processing time for Vietnam visa at the embassy in New Delhi is 5 working days, it is only 2 working days when you apply online via travel agents:

2 working days
It is the duration to process for a normal request. Take note that Vietnam Immigration Department only receives the applications until 3:00 pm (Vietnam time) every day. If you apply for the visa before this time, we’ll deliver you the visa approval letter by 6:00 pm (Vietnam time) the following day. And if you do so after this time, your application for your Vietnam visa will be completed on the day after tomorrow.

1 working day
For this option, visa approval letterto get visa for Vietnam will be sent via email within 1 working day since the moment your application online and payment for service fee is well- received. If the payment is confirmed before 10:00 AM (Vietnam time- GMT +7), you can get visa approval letter on the same day- before 6:00 PM

4 working hours
Application for Vietnam visa on arrival ill be processed before 12:00 PM everyday if your application and visa fee is completed before 10:00 AM.

In addition, a few travel agents are able to support your visa application processed in only within 1 working hour. You can contact them to ask for more details. However, don’t forget that he faster the visa is issued, the higher charge you will have to pay. Thus, we recommend you to consider carefully before choosing type of Vietnam visa processing time.

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Photo requirement for Indian citizens to Vietnam

As you might know, applicants are always recommended to prepare 2 passport size photos which are often in 4cmx6cm. Meanwhile, the standard size in most countries is 3.5x 4.5. You may be praying for the hope that the rules about Vietnam visa photo size are not too strict. However, in fact, the size matters. Although there are some cases when Vietnam Immigration might shut their eyes to your mistakes, it is still worthwhile getting the correct size photos. Then, your holiday in Vietnam will avoid being stuffed up because of the problem. If you are holding visa photo for Vietnam visa for Indian incorrect size, there are some options as following.

If it isn’t inconvenient and you have a scanner, scan your existing ones, then resize them with a simple photo editor and then get them printed at the local corner in the airport. You can find such a booth in international airports in Vietnam.

Alternatively, you can have your photo taken again at the arrival airport for around 5 USD or less per photo.

If your photo is a little bigger, Vietnam Immigration Officers might have scissors to cut them down if it needs be.

In addition to Vietnam visa photo size, don’t forget that your photo to get Vietnam visa for Indian also has to meet the following requirements:

 – Your face is in neutral expression without smiling or frowning.

 – Photographs must be passport sized, and taken within the past 6 months of application date.

 – Photos must be taken against a white background and printed on quality photo paper.

 – Photographs should be taken in normal attire, without a hat or headgear that obscures the hair or hairline.

 – Do not wear any kind of glasses or hats when taking these photos

 – Hats and scarves are strictly prohibited and any other accessories

Should you have any inquiries about Vietnam visa for Indian or its requirements, leave your comments here or send us your questions to email Info@govietnamvisa.org to be supported instantly.

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Vietnam visa fee for Indian


This is Vietnam visa cost for Indian using visa on arrival facility. If you plan to obtain visa for Vietnam at embassy or consulate, kindly check the price at embassy you will apply.

All Indian passport holders lodging visa application online on our website are required to pay an amount of fee for our experts to arrange a visa approval letter from Immigration Department. The processing period is 2 business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) for regular case.

What is involved in our Vietnam visa charges?

Our Vietnam visa charges contain necessary services to get your visa application to be processed:
  • Visa processing fee
  • Service fee including delivery and management of visa application on your behalf

Refund policy

  • The success rate of your Vietnam visa application is very high. We commit to giving a full refund of the Vietnam visa fee if your application is not approved by Immigration Department.
  • You will not get a refund if you entered the wrong information in the application form that could result in the refusal of your application. In that case, you are supposed to apply for a new visa.

The price for each Vietnam visa type for Indian is shown on the table below:

Visa type
Service fee
Stamp fee
Tourist visa
Business visa
is required on arrival
1 month single entry
70 USD
25 USD
1 month multiple entries
80 USD
50 USD
3 months single entry
20 USD
90 USD
25 USD
3 months multiple entries
30 USD
95 USD
50 USD
6 months multiple entries
95 USD
1 year multiple entries
135 USD

Charges for fast track visa service

In urgent case, you can request to complete the processing urgently within 1 business day, 4 business hours or even 1 hour. Here is rate of emergency Vietnam visa for Indian nationals:
  • 1 day service: additional $10 fee/person
  • 4 hours service: additional $20 fee/person
  • 1 hour service: $80/person applicable to one month visa only

How to pay?

With aim of making payment easier to Indian, we offer 3 payment methods:
  • Pay with credit/debit card through Onepay or Paypal (recommended for security, rapidity and simplicity)
  • Send money via Western Union
  • Make a bank transfer payment


Upon arrival, the Indian nationals must pay stamping fee to customs officer at Immigration checkpoint in order to have visa stamp on the passport. The fee is quoted by Vietnam Government, not by our agency. Here is the amount of stamping fee required for each type of Vietnam visa:
  • Single entry visa: $25
  • Multiple entry visa: $50

How to pay?

by CASH. Only US. Dollar (recommended) and VN Dong are accepted.

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How to get a Vietnam visa for Indian citizens?

Indian citizens are required to hold a visa before entering Vietnam and enjoying the sights and sounds of Vietnam. Knowing the process of getting Vietnam visa helps ensure that you are not left with unexpected surprise at last minute.

Visa Application
 Applications for a Vietnam visa for Indian citizens can be completed online through the agency’s website or at any Embassy/Consulate of Vietnam. Before applying for the visa, you should check passport validity to make sure that it has at least 6 months validity remaining. If there is no blank page on the passport, a loose-leaf visa will be issued.

Apply online
In this modern society, people usually are busy with work so online application appears to be very convenient and easy to do. And it’s true. From any places in the world, you can apply for the visa online with 2 steps below:

Step 1: Complete the online visa applicationform, available here. The first part of application requires information about you including your full name, gender, date of birth and nationality. The second section requires your passport and travel information. In the third section, you’ll provide your current contact information. And don’t forget to review the application before submitting to correct any wrong information you make by mistake

Step 2: Use your credit or debit card to pay processing fee online. The accepted cards include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club. The charge is $5 for 01 month single, $6 for 1 month multiple, $15 for 3 months single and $20 for 3 months multiple. Please check the fee here.

The approval letter will be sent to your email within 2 business days along with an entry-exit form. In case of emergency, you could request Rush Visa Service to be delivered the approval on the same day. Your entry date is shown on the letter and it’s also the date that your visa becomes valid. You are allowed to visit Vietnam ANYTIME during visa validity.

With the letter of approval, you are able to board the plane and pick up visa stamp at any Vietnam’s international airports (Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh). Other documents required on arrival for stamping process include: original passport, entry-exit form, 01 passport photo. Besides, you have to pay stamping fee in order to receive the visa from Immigration Officer. It costs $25 for single entry visa, $50 for multiple entries visa.

Please keep in mind that online visa application is only helpful when you are traveling by air. For overland crossing, you must obtain full visa stamp in advance of travel date.

Visit Vietnam Embassy
Embassy of Vietnam in Indian offers consular services during office hours from Monday to Friday. In order to get the visa from embassy, you will need to prepare the following documents:

• Application form (available on website of embassy)
• Original passport (remember your passport number to track application status later)
• 01 passport photo
• Flight booking (one way or returned): required for 3 months tourist visa only.
• Self-addressed envelope: needed for postal application. One envelop can be used for many applicants.
• For application of business visa, you need to provide a letter of entry clearance from the Ministry of Public Security arranged by your business sponsor in Vietnam.

If you file the application in person, please visit the embassy from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Non-refundable visa fees are various and depend on the length of stay, number of entry. It will be paid in cash, money order or bank cheque, payable to “the Embassy of Viet Nam”.
The typical processing time takes 3 business days while the express processing requires 1 business day only.

Please share our article “How to get a Vietnam visa for Indian citizens” to your friends on social network if you find it helpful. We highly appreciate when you do that. Please do not hesitate to contact us when you need assistance with visa application.
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What is visa on arrival?

A Vietnam visa is an official document, usually stamped or glued inside a passport, giving permission from a foreign authority for you to enter a country.

Visas are issued by foreign government offices in Vietnam. Requirements, fees and processing times vary, depending on the country and type of visa you need. The most common categories are business, and tourist visas.

Remember that representatives from the country to which you are travelling need to see your passport before issuing a visa. If you cannot visit the foreign government office in person and must mail your passport, use Visa online services.

You will almost certainly need a visa if you plan to remain in a foreign country for a longer period (usually more than 90 days). Special and diplomatic passport holders should verify all visa requirements for each of their destinations, as they may differ from those that apply to regular passport holders.

Some countries will issue a visa upon your arrival, but it is not a common procedure. Visas must be obtained before leaving Vietnam. You may be denied entry if you do not have a visa when you arrive in a country that requires one. You are responsible for ensuring that your passport contains empty visa pages.

If the pages of your passport have become filled with visas or entry and exit stamps, apply for a new passport. To extend your stay in a country beyond the period permitted by the visa you currently hold, or to change the status of your Vietnam visa (for example, from a tourist visa to a work visa), contact the nearest Vietnamese government office abroad and consular officials will refer you to the proper authorities in that country.

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Vietnam visa – Who can apply?

Vietnam visa online is applied for all citizens all over the world when they come to Vietnam via airline.

It is legimated and supported by Vietnam Immigration Department. It is also the quickest and cheapest way to get your visa for Vietnam.

The person who can not use:
– Used to enter Vietnam and broke Vietnam’s law
– Passport is invalid in 6 months
– Children without adult accompany
– In blacklist of Interpol

How it works

1. Fill in online form

Fill in the visa application form with the exact information on your passport.

2. Send visa letter

We will send you the approval letter after 1-2 working days. After you get the visa we sent, please check all information in the visa.

3. Entry to Vietnam

Get visa stamped at Vietnam international airport and enter. Please pre-prepare following documents: The approval letter we send, Entry and Exit form, 2 photos of 4*6 and the cash to pay for visa stamping fee

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Where to get Vietnam visa for Indian from Spain

All Indian travellers require an valid passport, together with an entry visa obtained from local embassy or travel agency before going to Vietnam. We know it’s very confusing to apply for Vietnam visa the first time, especially if you live in Spain. That’s why we offer guidance to help you obtain visa for Vietnam for Indian passport holders from Spain easier.

Available options to get visa for Vietnam from Spain

1. Visit the Embassy of Vietnam in Spain (address: C/ Arturo Soria 201, 1-AyB 28043 – Madrid) and submit your visa application

The documents must be provided in the application:

– Original passport valid no earlier than 6 months following your date of departure from Vietnam
– Copy of passport page containing your personal details
– Completed application form attached with a recent passport photograph
– Payment for visa application: various depending on visa type
– Self-addressed prepaid return envelope if you submit the application by post

Processing time: 05 business days since the date you submit the complete application

2. Apply through our online system from the comfort of your home or office (available for air travel only)

What to do?

Go to this link to enter all requested information in the online application form and pay the processing fee with your credit/debit card. We also accept the payment made with cash via Paypal. The visa approval letter will then be processed and sent to you via email on the same day or within the next 2 business days depending on the selected type of service (normal or urgent).

With the approval letter, you can get on board without a visa on the passport. After arriving in Vietnam’s airport, you submit the letter with origin passport (at least 6 month validity), 01 passport photo, competed entry-exit form, and stamping fee (in cash) to get Vietnam visa upon arrival from Immigration official within around 10 minutes.

The visa cost charged by embassy is different from the visa cost of online application. If you apply online for the visa on our system, you pay 5$ for 1 month single visa, 6$ for 1 month multiple visa, 25$ for 3 month single visa, 30$ for 3 month multiple visa. The price is higher if the urgent service is requested.

Please keep in mind: Vietnam visa starts validity from the intended date of arrival you entered in the application form until it expires. It is also the duration you are allowed to stay in Vietnam.

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Vietnam evisa for Indian citizens

Any Indian citizens who wish to travel to Vietnam have to obtain a Vietnam visa in advance of the trip. Nowadays, visa for Vietnam can be applied personally at local Vietnam Embassy/Consulate or electronically through travel websites. However, visa procedure at the embassy appears tobe stressful so almost Indian passport holders like to lodge the application online. If you are the first applicant of Vietnam visa for Indian online, let’s look through our instructions below first.

Why I should apply for Vietnam visa online?
There are a bunch of reasons that you should use Vietnam evisa but we just mention 5 main reasons:

Simple procedure: the visa application can be made online without any requirements of origin documents. You can apply for your visa from any where and at any time you want.

Reasonable price: the price is much lower than the price charged by Vietnam Embassy and you can pay the fee with credit card, which is both secure and fast.

Short processing period: the visa decision is made after 2 business days only. You can even get the visa result on the same day for additional cost

Online visa tracking: it’s very easy and convenient to check the progress of your visa application online.

24/7 support: we are always ready to offer help via phone, email or live chat service during 24 hours of 7 days


1. Complete visa application form onlineAll Indian visa applicants, regardless of visa category, must fill out a visa application form electronically in advance. The form is available here. Once the application form is completed and submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from us containing important information you have provided in the form. Read the email carefully and contact us at once if you find any wrong information on it.

2. Pay visa application fee

After finishing the form, you are required to make online payment for the application with credit/debit card via Onepay/Paypal. The fee must be paid in full to get the application processed. If you do not make the payment, the processing delay will occur. See details about Vietnam visa fee.

3. Receive visa approval letter by Immigration Department

A scan copy of visa approval letter, which gives you permission to enter Vietnam and collect the visa at the airport, will be sent to your email after 2 business days. On emergency, we are willling to offer you urgent Vietnam visa process for additional fee.

4. Get visa on arrival

Visa on arrival service is available at all Vietnam international airports. No matter what your arrival is, Hanoi, Danang or Ho Chi Minh, you are able to collect your visa provided presenting the requirements below:

– Print copy of visa approval letter
– Original passport valid for at least 6 months
– 01 standard photograph (no longer 6 months old)
– Completed entry&exit form (the form is attached with the letter)
– Stamping fee in cash ($25 for single entry, $50 formultiple entry)

The on-arrival process usually takes 10 minutes. If you need assistance to get visa stamped urgently at the airport, our stamping assitance service is very helpful. The price for this extra service is $20/person.

Attention: Vietnam visa for Indian online is available for arrivals by air only. Please submit the application by yourself at Embassy of Vietnam if you arrive in our country overland.

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Advice on Vietnam visa for Indian citizens

You are seeking for a Vietnam visa from Indian? Read our Vietnam visa Indian advice first to see what is the best way to obtain a visa to Vietnam.

There are 4 factors that you should consider to decide the best way of applying for Vietnam visa. They are simplicity, rapidity, economy and immediate support. And the only way that satisfies all these requirements is Vietnam visa on arrival.

Vietnam visa on arrival is simple as it doesn’t give any requirements for applicants. Except for one application form that is completed electronically, the applicants don’t have to provide any paper. Thanks for online visa application submission, the Indian citizens can easily apply for it anytime and from anywhere in just a few minutes.

If Vietnam embassies often request you to wait at least 05 days to collect the visa, with visa on arrival, the applicants will receive the visa results within 2 days only. For a small additional fee, you can reduce the processing time into 1 day or a few hours.

There are many people think that travel agencies will charge a lot for their application but in fact, you have to pay less than you have to if applying at the embassy. Additionally, we offer several payment methods which are all secure and fast. To read details about the Vietnam visa on arrival fee, please refer to this page.

Immediate support
At any time you need a support, the staffs of travel agencies will be willing to offer help in many ways such as phone, email or live chat. The support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you will always receive prompt response. Besides, you can track your application status online on the website easily and quickly.

However, the only restriction of visa on arrival is that it is created for air travelers only. So if you want to apply for it, you must enter Vietnam by air.

If you have any questions about Vietnam visa Indian or need Vietnam visa Indian advice, please feel free to contact to us by phone, email or chat.

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Vietnam Visa On Arrival Online

The entry requirements into the Socialist Republic of Vietnam differ depending on your intended actions in Vietnam, your country of origin, and the length of your stay. We offer consultation services so that you may determine what documents you need to enter and/or remain in Vietnam for any given purpose or time.
For example, Vietnam does not require visas for citizens of most ASEAN countries, Scandinavian countries, and Russia as long as you travel for a limited time. United States citizens and residents, however, must possess a Vietnamese visa, a visa exemption document, or a written approval document for a visa on arrival. All visitors, from any country, must have a passport or a green card with at least six months of validity remaining.

The most efficient way to obtain a visa is to apply for a visa on arrival. Our service offers travelers this convenience. First, apply through our website. The government of Vietnam may request appropriate documentation from you in order to enter the country. This can include proof that you are able to support yourself while in Vietnam (lodging, food), proof that the person hosting you really exists and has sufficient room for hosting you, and/or proof that you have obtained health and evacuation insurance.

If you are granted permission to travel, you will receive your approval letter within days. The visa approval letter is issued by Vietnam’s immigration department. Once you have the letter, you may pick up your visa on arrival in Vietnam at one of the three international airports (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang). An immigration official will verify the details on your approval letter and passport before allowing you entry.

Vietnam is a developing and primarily agrarian country that is moving from a centrally-planned economy to a market economy. Political control currently rests with the Communist Party. Vietnam is strict and visa applications aid the host country in determining who is safe to enter its borders. The government can consider your financial situation, criminal record, previous visit history, and the reason for applying.

The Vietnamese government takes travel in and out of the country seriously. For this reason, it is extremely important for anyone proposing to travel to Vietnam to be sure they have the documents required. According to the U.S. State Department, the Government of Vietnam punishes severely those who attempt to travel with falsified documents. If one travels to Vietnam with an altered or otherwise fraudulent travel document, criminal prosecution and possible imprisonment are likely. Moreover, if you arrive without the proper paperwork, Vietnam will deny entry and you will be subject to immediate deportation.

A visa issued by Vietnam shows that the person to whom it is issued is authorized to enter or leave Vietnam during a specific time period. Visas are issued to cover one or more visits into the country during the time for which your visa is valid. Vietnamese visas are typically single-entry. To obtain a multiple-entry visit, you must specifically request that type and pay an additional fee. Please note that if you intend to travel to another country from Vietnam and return to Vietnam before coming home, you will need a multiple-entry visa or an additional single-entry visa.

To obtain a visa from Vietnam, you must cover two fees: 1) the visa fee and 2) the visa processing fee. The U.S. Embassy and Consulate officials have received reports of processing fees varying from one applicant to another and from one issuing entity to another.

There are two major types of visa, short-stay and long-stay. Short-stay visas include tourist visas, probably the most common type of visa because it covers trips to Vietnam for vacation or for business (not permanent work). Long-stay visas include student, journalist, marriage, and others. The Government of Vietnam is strict about what visitors may do when traveling under each visa. If you change the purpose of your visit, you must obtain permission from the government.

On the off chance that your documents are lost or stolen while in Vietnam, you must replace both the passport and the visa, so take great care with your travel documents. Your consulate or embassy in Vietnam can usually issue an emergency passport promptly but the Vietnamese government can take from three to five days to replace your visa.

The safe traveler should also be aware that the Vietnamese government may limit your in-country travel even with a visa. Certain areas of the country are “sensitive” and if you do go there, you may risk punishment by Vietnam. In addition, your country of nationality is less likely to be able to provide any aid to you in those areas. In the past, foreigners were detained after traveling to areas on the border with China, Cambodia, and Laos. Unsafe areas are not always marked and there are no specific warnings against travel. If you do intend to travel to a sensitive area, be sure to obtain permission from the Vietnamese government.

Get your visa safely and efficiently through a visa on arrival application, then practice safety and security with your travel documents before and during your stay in Vietnam.

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Vietnam visa upon arrival for Indian nationals

Along with Vietnam embassy in london, travel agents play an important role to support Indian citizens to receive Vietnam visa Indian for their trip to the country. If you are going to use Vietnam visa on arrival for your next trip and still wonder if Vietnam visa on arrival Indian citizens is the best way to follow, you will find your questions answered here by following the article.

What is Vietnam visa on arrival?
Different from applying in Vietnam embassy in which you will get a full visa before your departure, Vietnam visa on arrival allows you to pick up Vietnam visa Indian at the arrival airport in Vietnam . However, it doesn’t mean that you just need to get on board and then pick up you visa after landing in Vietnam . Vietnam visa on arrival Indian, in other words, is called pre-arranged Vietnam visa. It means that you have to complete steps of apply for visa from Indian online, receive visa approval letter as a certificate to pick up visa stamp at the arrival airport.

Not being issued visa to Vietnam from the embassy doesn’t mean that your Vietnam visa on arrival is illegitimate. In fact, if it is approved by the immigration department in Vietnam does so. It is travel agents who are allowed legally to support Indian passport holders to submit directly to the department. Hence, there is no need to worry about it legitimacy.

When to apply?
It is often claimed that it is best to apply 6 months before your travel. In fact, Indian travelers can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival Indian for a few days beforehand. Depending on the visa service provided by different travel agents, Indian citizens even apply for visa to Vietnam a few hours in advance. However, we do remind you to apply before heading to Vietnam . You cannot do so when you arrive at airport in Vietnam .

Is it a best way to get Vietnam visa Indian?
It is determined based on your own situation and your priorities.  For those who want to have a simple visa procedure and short time processing, it is really a best way to get Vietnam visa Indian. While applying online with this option, Indian applicants don’t have to prepare any paper documents, just to complete visa application form online and pay visa service via credit card or bank transfer. After that visa approval letter will be sent to the email address which is provided by the applicants before. While submitting via the embassy takes 3 to 5 working days as a normal process, Indian citizens have Vietnam visa processed only in 2 working days if you use Vietnam visa on arrival. Moreover, a few travel agents provide processing visa service within 1 working hour.

However, if you are going to sail or cross land border to Vietnam , the best way to get Vietnam visa Indian is via the embassy. Besides, if you have a lot of spare time, applying via embassy of Vietnam in london will avoid you wasting time at the arrival airport to receive full visa stamps in case there are a large number of visa on arrival applicants on your flights.

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Common mistakes when apply for vietnam visa on arrival

However, there are still some troubles happening when using Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens. The problems usually come up when the applicants commit following common mistakes.

1. Misunderstanding about applying visa on arrival

Many people make a serious mistake when they suppose that they can get a visa directly at arrival airport in Vietnam without applying online beforehand. The mistake might lead to your delaying or cancelling your flights or waiting until the visa is approved. From my own point of view, we need to change its name from Vietnam visa on arrival to Vietnam pre-arranged visa to end up these mistakes.

2. Use visa on arrival for border crossing
Before using the type of visa, applicants may receive a lot of warning such as Vietnam visa upon arrival is used for AIR entry only. It means that no visa on arrival for overland/border crossing or sea/water entry. In those cases, there is no way except for applying at Vietnam embassies.

3. Commit spelling or typing mistakes
The mistakes happen whey applicants provide incorrect information: full name on passport, passport number, date of birth. It seems not to be a big problem. However, it does when the applicants may be refused by the airline when immigration officers notice that the information on the letter of approval does not match those in your passport.

4. Date of arrival
The Vietnam visa starts to be valid from the date of arrival the applicants have submitted in the application form. Many people think that it starts from the date they enter Vietnam. However, it is not. Furthermore, the applicants can enter Vietnam later but NOT EARLIER than that date. Making a detailed plan before departure will help to prevent such a mistake.

5. Mistakes with visa approval letter
When sending the letter of approval to applicants, travel agents always emphasize that it need printing out. However, many people may forget to print or forget to bring it along to the airport. A few people print out the email with careless. It will lead to negative experiences in using Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens.

6. Visa extensions
You may think that it is very easy and cheap to get visa extensions, so applying for long duration of stay in Vietnam is unnecessary. In fact, it is not that easy, but may be costly and time- consuming. If possible, applying for 3 month of stay in Vietnam will save you a lot of money on visa extension.

We do believe that the problems here do not cover up every situation in reality. To make a contribution to create a complete list of common mistakes as reviews for other travelers, you are welcome to share your story here. Look forward to hearing your experience.

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Vietnam visa requirements for Indian

Vietnam visa on arrival is simple and easy to follow. However, there are still some troubles happening when visa applicants follow to meet Vietnam visa requirements Indian with careless. For those interested, please proceed to avoid mistakes from the beginning of applying Vietnam visa Indian online.

1. Use visa on arrival for border crossing
One of the most important Vietnam visa requirements for Indian nationals when you use Vietnam visa on arrival is to get flight your entrance to Vietnam. In fact, you should be well aware of the fact that getting Vietnam visa in this option is used for AIR entry only. It means that no visa on arrival for overland/border crossing or sea/water entry. In those cases, there is no way except for applying at Vietnam embassies.

2. Commit spelling or typing mistakes in visa application form
The mistakes happen when applicants provide incorrect information: full name on passport, passport number, date of birth. Moreover, when the confirmation letter is sent to your email, you cannot also detect and inform any mistakes in your information. . In fact, your full name in the application form is required to be exactly the same as the one in your passport. It seems not to be a big problem at first. However, it does when the applicants may be refused by the airline when immigration officers notice that the information on the letter of approval does not match those in your passport.

3. Date of arrival
There is a common mistake that Indian nationals may be confused date of arrival with date of visa submission. In fact, Vietnam visa Indian starts to be valid from the date of arrival the applicants have submitted in the application form, not the date you start to send your application. Some people also think that it starts from the date they enter Vietnam. However, it is not. Furthermore, the applicants can enter Vietnam later but NOT EARLIER than that date they have filled in the form. Making a detailed plan before departure will help to prevent such a mistake.

4. Mistakes with visa approval letter
When sending the letter of approval to applicants, travel agents always emphasize that it need printing out. However, many people may forget to print or forget to bring it along to the airport. Moreover, a few people print out the email with careless. It is a really serious problem that can even ruin your holidays in the country.

5. Passport validity
Noted as one of Vietnam visa requirements Indian, passport validity is required to be valid for at least 6 months before of your date of arrival, or at least 1. However, you may not remember that point when making your application. Please make sure that your passport is valid enough for your trip as you won’t enter Vietnam with an expired passport (even your visa is stamped on).

We do hope that the article is useful for you to avoid mistakes during preparing for Vietnam visa requirements for Indian. If you have anything to share or add to make a completed list, you are welcome to share it here. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Get Vietnam visa with Indian passport

Vietnam visa for Indian is obtainable through the embassy or on arrival when you arrive at the airport. The visa procedures at the embassy is a bit complicated and time-consuming compared to the later one which is often more preferable. If you are interested in getting Vietnam visa with India passport in this option, proceed to see more in details.

In some countries, visa on arrival means that you apply and get the visa directly on arrival at port of entry but in Vietnam, visa on arrival works as follows:

1. Apply online
This is the first and foremost step in the whole procedure of visa application for Indian passport holders. Although depending on which travel agents you use for visa application, there are differences in the form of application form. However, you are always requested to fill in personal information (full name, date of birth, nationality, gender) and passport details (passport number, date of entry, date of exit). Spelling accuracy is the most important factor here. Before submitting the form, remember to double check to make sure that the information you provide is totally correct.

2. Pay visa service fee online
After submission, you will have to use credit/debit card to make payment for the application. After you pay the service fee, the second confirmation email will be sent to your email. Accordingly, the email also informs you the issuance date of visa approval letter.

Be noticed that the moment your payments is well- received is when your application form starts to be sent for processing.

3. Get visa approval letter
The processing period of visa approval letter often takes 2 business days excluding weekends and national holidays. For urgent service, it takes only 1 business day or even 4 working hours.

After the period you have informed, the approval letter is sent in PDF form to your email along with an entry-exit form. The thing left is to print out the letter and the entry – exit form, not the email. To save your time at the arrival airport, you are advised to complete the form in advance.

4. Get visa stamped on arrival
At Visa Counter of Vietnam’s airport, you are requested to provide documents below to get visa stamp on the passport:

– Print copy of approval letter
– Completed entry-exit form
– Original and valid passport
– 01 recent passport size photograph in full color
– Stamping fee (cash only): 25$ for single visas 50$ for month multiple visa

Important note: visa on arrival is available for arrival by air only. Don’t try to use it for border or sea crossing if you don’t want to leave Vietnam to arrange the new visa for your trip. If you manage to enter Vietnam by land or sea, please obtain the Vietnam visa at the embassy located in New Delhi.

Should you need a help to get visa for Vietnam with Indian pasport, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, email or live chat service. We are always available 24/7 to offer help.

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Apply Vietnam tourist visa for Indian citizens in Canada

Under regulations of Vietnam Government, almost tourists need a visa before entering Vietnam’s territory, and Indian citizens living or staying in Canada also isn’t an exception. In fact, Vietnam is one of the few countries in the world where you can’t get entry to the country simply by turning up. However, if your destination in Vietnam is Phu Quoc island, you may not be required Vietnam tourist visa for a period of 30 days. It is applied to every international entry port and every nationality, not only for Indian citizens.

In case, you are going to stay in other tourist attractions rather than Phu Quoc, you need to make sure you already have a visa organized before you arrive in Vietnam– either by visiting an embassy for the visa to be put in your passport, or by applying online through a travel agent prior to arrival and collecting your visa on arrival at the airport. Proceed to see how and where to get Vietnam tourist visa for Indian citizens in Canada.

Finding Vietnamese Embassy In Canada
It is the true that Indian citizens don’t have to apply Vietnam tourist visa at the embassy located in New Delhi. Application for Vietnam tourist visa for Indian can be processed at any Vietnam embassies all over the world including the embassy in Canada. You will find Embassy of Vietnam in Canada at:

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Canada
55 MacKay Street, Ottawa, K1M 2B2, Canada
Phone: (613) 236 0772
Hotlines: 613-700-4779 or 613-882-6699
Fax: (613) 236 2704
Email: vietem-inter@uniserve.com or vietnamembassy@rogers.com (consul)
website: vnembassy-ontario.mofa.gov.vn

Consulate General of Viet Nam in Vancouver-Canada
#800-605 Robson street, Vancouver, B.C. V6B5J3, Canada
Tel : +1 604-629-0189 – Fax : +1 604-681-2906
Email : consul.vancouver@mofa.gov.vn or consul.vancouver@gmail.com
Website : http://vnconsulate-vancouver.mofa.gov.vn

Be well- informed that the requirements for Vietnam visa Indian from Vietnam embassy in Canada is not the same as the one in New Delhi. Neither is its visa service. Therefore, it is worthwhile contacting consular via hotlines so that it can help to save your time and effort to prepare full required documents for Vietnam visa application.

For additional information about applying Vietnam tourist visa for Indian citizens at embassy in Canada, Vietnam visa can be applied by mail or in person at the embassy and up to 1 year prior to the date of entry into Vietnam. The processing time is often 5 working days since the receipt of your complete documents. Besides, travelers can also request for rush service which takes 2 workings days to process with additional processing fee required.

How to apply for Vietnam visa for indian citizens from canada

1. Apply at Vietnam embassy in canada

Application for Vietnam visa Indian at embassy requires you to prepare the following documents:

– Original passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel. In case your passport has no blank paper left, you can submit 2 copies of passport to request loose- leaf visa without sending your original passport.
– A completed visa application: The form must be completed online and then printed off in black and white.
– 01 recent passport photo: It should be taken in Vietnam passport size (4x6cm) or Canadian passport photograph size.
– 01 copy of the applicant’s valid passport.
– A pre-paid self addressed return envelope for those who apply by mail

– Vietnam visa fee: It varies and depends on the length of stay in Vietnam, on visa types and is subject to be changed from time to time. It is strongly advised for Indian citizens in Canada to contact visa offer to be well informed. Please be noticed that the application fee is non refundable.

For those applying by email, just scan all the above documents except a pre-paid envelope and email to vietnamembassy@rogers.com to apply for loose-leaf visa. In that case, you will need a credit card to pay the application fee.

2. Apply online
Instead of applying via embassy, the applicants holding Indian passport can contact one reliable travel agent to have them complete Vietnam visa application on your behalf. Accordingly, applying tourist Vietnam visa for Indian citizens from Canada can be completed online with only 4 simple steps.

– Complete the online application form
– Make an online payment through PayPal
– Obtain visa approval letter attached with entry and exit form via email
– Present the letter, completed entry and exit form, original passport, 01 passport photo and stamping fee(in cash) to get Vietnam visa upon arrival.

Compared to the traditional one, this option is much simpler with no required paper when applying online. As a result, the applicants don’t have to send your documents away. However, be reminded that this option only works for airport entry, not for overland and sea entry.

In conclusion, based on your specific situation and your priority, you can consider which way is the most suitable way to obtain Vietnam tourist visa for Indian citizens in Canada.

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Vietnam tourists visa for Indian in United States

You have planned a trip to Vietnam? If you fly to Vietnam then a visa on arrival is highly recommended. You will not only save your time but also save the money and enjoy a hassle-free visa procedure. Read our instructions below to be well-informed about how to get on arrival Vietnam tourist visa for Indian in United States

How Vietnam visa on arrival works?

In some countries, they allow the applicants to apply and collect the visa on arrival but Vietnam visa on arrival program requests the visitors to make application online beforehand and pick up the tourist visa later when they arrive at the airport. Be also aware that visa on arrival cannot be issued at border checkpoints, it is available at the airports only.

In details, on arrival visa process for Indian tourists in United States comprises 4 steps: 

– You enter requested information in the application form online and submit.
– You are directed to payment page for paying visa service fee. The fee can be paid with credit/debit card or with cash
– We email you the PDF form of visa approval letter and an entry-exit form. The letter is often issued within 2 working days not counting weekends and public holidays. If you are in hurry, please select express service to get the letter urgently the same day
– At Visa Counter, you submit your original passport (at least 6 months validity), scanned copy of visa approval letter, completed entry-exit form, 01 recent passport photograph. Then you sit down and wait for your name to be called. When your Vietnam visa UK is ready, you pay stamping fee to receive the passport back.

Length Of Stay
Vietnam tourist visa is usually valid for 1 -3 months on single or multiple entry from intended arrival date you entered in the application form. If you expect a longer trip, it’s possible to apply for business visa on arrival with the same procedure.The validity of business is 3 – 6 months.

How much does it cost
Vietnam visa on arrival costs differs according to visa category. It costs at least 5$ for application fee and 25$ for stamping fee. The application fee is paid after you submit the visa application form and stamping fee is paid on arrival. To read details about the fees, please refer to this page.

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Vietnam tourist visa for Indian citizens in North Ireland

If you are afraid to go from North Ireland to New Delhi for submitting visa application at embassy. Take your time to read this article and you will know how to get on arrival Vietnam tourist visa for Indian living in North Ireland

Every Indian passport holder are eligible for visa on arrival, which means get visa for Vietnam when you arrive in the country. However, the visa on arrival is currently available only for arrivals by air so you are requested to fly to Vietnam if wishing to pick up the Vietnam visa on landing at the airport.

What documents needed at the airport to get on-arrival tourist visa?

Here is the list of documents should be submitted on arrival:

– Original passport with at least 6 months validity and 1 empty page left
– Completed entr-exit form (the form is available for download on our site)
– 01 recen photograph in passport size and agaisnt white background
Visa approval letter (read instructions below on how to get visa approval)
– Stamping fee (cash, paid in USD or VND only): 25$ for single visas, 50$ for multiple visa

How to get visa approval letter?

Tourist visa approval letter can be obtained online through travel agents within 2 business days or less if you complete properly 2 steps:

– Fill out online visa application form
– Pay visa processing fee with credit/debit card. Payment made by cash is also accepted
– When the procesing is completed, the visa approval letter will be sent to you via email with entry-exit form.

Vietnam tourist visa validity

Tourist vis for Vietnam is typically valid for 1 month on single or multiple entry from the expected date of arrival you mention in the application form. If you are looking for a longer stay, business visa is really a good choice. In reality, the type of visa that you may use mostly depends on the duration of your visit, not on purpose of the trip.

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Vietnam tourist visa for Indian from UK

If you think applying for Vietnam tourist visa for Indian in UK is a grueling process, perhaps after reading our guide, it will give you an idea that it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 when you know exactly what you’re doing.

There are basically 2 ways that Indian passport holders can enter Vietnam: by applying personally a visa from embassy or by applying online for a visa approval letter through travel agencies to get visa on arrival.

At the beginning, we would like to introduce the steps to obtain Vietnam tourist visa on arrival, which is both cheap and convenient.

Tourist Visa On Arrival
Note: Visa on arrival is valid at the airport only. You are unable to get tourist visa at any border checkpoints.

Although visa for Vietnam is collected on landing, you must apply online beforehand to receive visa approval. The application process includes 2 steps:

– Complete visa application form online
– Pay visa processing fee with credit/debit card

After payment, your application will be processed instantly. Within 2 business days, you will receive a visa approval letter and an entry-exit form.

On arrival process

Here’s a checklist of the documents you need to secure before you obtain Vietnamese travel visa on arrrival:

– Original passport. Must have at least 6 months remaining validity
– Print copy of visa approval letter
– Completed entry-exit form
– 01 recent passport photograph

Stamping fee: 25$ for single visa, 50$ for multiple visa. Only cash is acceptable.

Apply Vietnam Visa At Embassy

Step 1: Complete visa requirements

Here are the basic documents you’ll need to file your application:

– Original passport with a minimum of 6 months validity. If you submit the application by email, your passport copy is required
– Completed visa application form. Go the their website to fill out and print out the application form.
– One passport photo against a white background taken within the last six months
– Self-addressed return envelope if you want to get the passport back by post
– Payment for your visa fee

Step 2: Submit visa application

You can now submit your application and documents to the Embassy of Vietnam. Filing of applications can be done from Monday-Friday, 9:30AM-12:30 PM. Their office is located at 12-14 Victoria Rd., London W8-5rd, UK. After submitting the documents, you’ll be given a receipt which you will need to present to collect Vietnam visa.

Step 3: Collect your tourist visa

If you submit in person or by post, the visa can be delivered by post. In case you submit the application by email, you must bring your receipt, origin passport and appear at the embassy office to pick up the visa. The standard processing time is 5 working days. The urgent tourist visa can be issued within 1-2 working days if you pay extra cost for express service.

Should you have any questions about Vietnam tourist visa for Indian in UK, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We are available on phone, email and skype 24/7.

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Why choose Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens

Vietnam is one of a countries that requires Indian citizens to obtain visa for their entry. If you are in need of a Vietnam tourist visa for Indian citizens, we suggest you using visa on arrival to enjoy hassle-free procedure.

Benefits Of Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Indian Visitors


You can independently arrange your time of application since the application will be made in the internet. In particular you can apply for your Vietnam visa at any time from comfort of you home or office.


No passport send-off, no queuing, no document required. You just follow 2 easy steps to finish the visa application: complete the application form and make payment for visa fee. Additionally, the online visa tracking tool allows you to follow up your visa process.


While the embassy asks for 5 working days, we need 2 working days only to provide you with the visa result. In case of emergency, we are able to process your visa application in lightning speed: 1 hour.


Our service fee for tourist visa is very low compare to price charged by the embassy. Also, the payment can be made with credit card, very easy, very quick and secure. Read Vietnam tourist visa cost for Indian citizens for details

How to apply for tourist visa on arrival?
– You fill out this online application form fully and correctly
– You pay visa service fee with credit card or with cash
– We provide visa approval letter with an entry-exit form via email after 2 business days or less
– You submit the letter, completed entry-exit form, original passport, 01 recen passport photo and stamping fee on arrival at Visa Counter to get visa stamp

Important note: Vietnam offers visa on arrival at the airport only. If you enter Vietnam by land or sea, please submit paper application to obtain tourist visa from Embassy of Vietnam in New Delhi.

Should you have inquiries concerning Vietnam tourist visa for Indian citizens, please contact us to receive the best support.

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How to get Vietnam tourist visa for Indian from Singapore

Vietnam is a travel destination rich in history, culture and natural attractions. Whether you’re heading to Vietnam for a weekend getaway or a month of exploration, Vietnam government requires you to obtain a tourist visa before travelling. The information herein will make the process of getting Vietnam tourist visa for Indian citizen in Singapore clear to you.

The visa application should be made at Vietnam Embassy at least 2 weeks in advance of your departure to avoid inconveniences at last minutes. Or you can apply online anytime on our site (applicable for air travel only).

Apply visa at Vietnam embassy

What documents need to be provided?
– Original passport with a minimum of 6 month validity
– Completed application form attached with 01 passport-sized photo
– Non-refundable Vienam visa fees
– Processing time

It takes at least 3 business days for the issuance of your tourist visa. You are always advised to check data on the visa after collecting. If there is a mistake, please inform immediately to the embassy for remedy.

Apply online

How it works?

The process of online Vietnam visa is described as follows: Complete the application form online —> Pay processing fee —-> Get visa approval letter —–> Pick up tourist visa on arrival
1. Complete the application form online: Go to “apply online” to enter required information including type of your visa, expected date of arrival, personal data.
A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided to inform that we already received your application.
2. Pay processing fee: after completing the form, you are directed to payment page. You can choose to pay with credit/debit card or send money via Paypal.
3. Get visa approval leter:  After 2 business days, the approval letter and an entry-exit form will be sent to your email. Read Fast track service if you need an urgent letter the same day.
4. Pick up tourist visa on arrival: Apart from the approval letter and completed entry-exit form, you will have to submit your valid passport, 01 passport photo and pay stamping fee to Immigration Officer at the airport to get visa stamp. Please be noted that the stamping fee must be paid by cash in USD or VND. It costs 25$ for single visa, 50$ for multiple visa.

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Visa Application Form

If you have any problem with online application form, you can download following form to fill in and then send us via email info@vietnamvisas.in

Please click download form Visa Application Form
In that form, please pay attention to important parts:
– Date of arrival to Vietnam,
– Your full name,
– Your passport number,
– Nationality
– Purpose of visit
– Date of birth
However when you send the application form, please attach your scanned passport so that we can check information before making visa for you.

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Apply Vietnam tourist visa for Indian citizens in France

The most stressful thing for Indian citizens planning to travel to Vietnam is not the price of the ticket, but securing a visa. If you feel confused in applying for Vietnam tourist visa for Indian passport holder in France, read information below and you will be well-informed about it.

You should apply for a visa when:
Vietnam allows the visa application to be submitted about 6 months before travelling but you should not apply too soon or too late. The best time is to obtain your tourist visa welll 3 weeks in advance of the trip.

How to apply?

Apply at Vietnam Embassy in France
Vietnam Embassy is traditionally considered as an official place to get entry visa. If you would like to obtain the tourist visa personally, please be prepared to submit the documents below:

– 02 completed visa application forms
– Origin passport with a minimum of 1 month validity beyond your date of exit from Vietnam. If you submit postal application, please send your pasport coppy instead
– 02 passport sized photographs affixed to the application forms
– Self-addressed return envelope if you want to receive the passport and visa by post

Waiting time:
The Vietnam visa Indian is ready to collect after 7 working days (normal service) or 3 working days (urgent service). Those submit the application by post must be present at the embassy and bring their origin passport to get the visa.

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in France
62 Rue Boileau – 75016 Paris​
Tel: +33-01-44146400​
​Fax: +33-01-45243948.
​Email: vnparis.fr@gmail.com; vnemb.fr@mofa.gov.vn
​Website: vnembassy-paris.mofa.gov.vn

VietNam Permanent Delegation to UNESCO
Address : 2, đường Le Verrier, 75006 Paris, France
Tel :  (33-1) 4432 0877 – Fax: (33-1) 4432 0879
Email : unescovn@yahoo.com
Website : http://vnmission-unesco.mofa.gov.vn

Visa On Arrival
As an alternative, you may also submit your application online through travel agents to receive an approval letter, which leaves you entitlement to get tourist visa on arrival. Please be noted that visa approval letter is valid at Vietnam’s international airports only, you can’t get visa on arrival at any land borders.

In order to obtain a Vietnamese tourist visa on landing, you are required to follow 4 steps:
– Complete online visa application form correctly
– Make an online payment through OnePay, PayPal or Bank Transfer
– Obtain visa approval letter and entry & exit form via email within 2 business days or less
– Present the letter, completed entry and exit form, original passport, 01 passport photograph and pay stamping fee to get visa stamp at arrival airport

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Apply Vietnam tourist visa for Indian passport holders in South Africa

As a Indian passport holder in South Africa, you can apply Vietnam visa in 2 ways:
– Apply for visa at Vietnam embassy in South Africa
– Apply for visa approval letter online to get Vietnam visa on arrival at arrival airport

The way for getting Vietnam tourist visa for Indian is dependent on which way you intend to enter Vietnam.

1. Contact Vietnam Embassy to apply for a visa (traditional way to obtain a valid visa for Vietnam)
It is suggested if you intend to enter Vietnam by land or sea. In this way, you should contact the Embassy in advance to ask for the required documents to submit and procedure to follow since they vary from embassy to embassy. If not, it may take you more time and cost to provide full documents for Vietnam visa application.

Following is the contact information of Vietnam embassy in South Africa:
Address: 87 Brooks Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa.
Tel: + 27 (0)12 362 8119, + 27 (0)12 362 8118
Consular emergency: Tel : 27 (0)622 307 763 Email: t_thanh_2000@yahoo.com
Fax: + 27 (0)12 362 8115
Email: embassy@vietnam.co.za
Website: vnembassy-pretoria.mofa.gov.vn

2. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival
In this option, you have to apply online for a visa approval letter via a travel agent beforehand. The letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration officially will allow you to enter Vietnam and get Vietnam visa for Indian passport holders from South Africa stamped onto passport upon your arrival at Vietnam airport.

To obtain the letter, just do:
Click “apply online” to fill out the application form online
Pay for service fee via OnePay or PayPal
Please remember that the letter is accepted for AIR entry only, not for any land or sea entry.

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