Top 7 best Vietnamese street foods surprising the word


Eating street food in Vietnam is the experience that tourists should do when coming there. Find out best Vietnamese street food and try all of them!

In spite of not being processed by the top chefs in expensive restaurants, these following dishes still hold the heart of not only domestic but also international tourists, and naturally become the best Vietnamese street food thanks to their delicious, attractive but not least unique tastes.

Banh mi (Vietnamese baguettes)
Vietnamese baguettes are voted in the list of the most attractive street food in the world by National Geographic Magazine (USA).

Vietnamese baguettes or Vietnam-style burgers, Vietnamese sandwiches or Saigon baguettes are a kind of bread made of wheat (and possibly rice flour). This bread comes from French baguette breads brought into Vietnam. People processed them into Saigon characterized baguettes with a shorter length (about 30-40 cm). These baguettes were innovated with added meat and became a familiar dish of Saigon. Depending on components inside them decides the name of these Vietnamese sandwiches.

Vietnam-style burgers are a quick meal in the morning (and evening) for students and workers for their reasonable price. Depending on each place in Vietnam, Vietnamese sandwiches can be used as a breakfast meal or a quick snack at different time of the day.

Pho bo (Vietnamese beef noodle soup)
Pho bo is actually the best Vietnamese street food and well-known in the world.

No lighted sign or luxurious furniture, a sidewalk noodle stall on Hang Trong Street makes people remember the taste of noodle old vendors.

Situated at the beginning of Hang Trong Street, the stall only opens from 5 pm to 8 pm when there is no more pho left. The stall has simply more than twenty plastic low stools, old style bowls, a pot of hot broth put over a coal stove, dozen bags of boiled meat and a basket of noodles. Coming there in someday, you may even see several clients addicted to this special food in Vietnam eating two full bowls of pho.

Xeo Cake (Vietnamese pancake)
This is one of the most delicious Vietnamese street food voted by CNN. Xeo cakes (literally “sizzling cake”) have yellow colour with crispy outer layer of dough, inside components are bean sprouts, beans, meat and shrimp arranged in round form and then cakes are folded into a semicircle form.

Xeo cakes are often served with fish sauce and vegetables. Through years of development, xeo cakes are different in each region, for example, people in the North areas add pachyrrhizus erosus and taro to xeo cakes. Southern xeo cakes are served with sweet and sour sauce while the sauce is mixed with grilled meat in Hue.

Vegetables served with them are various including lettuce, broccoli, lettuce, perilla, basil, cinnamon leaves, etc. People wrap xeo cakes with vegetables, then dip them into sauce and enjoy. The mix of a variety of flavors of xeo cake leaves a lot of tastes to people, helping it become best street food in Vietnam and an indispensable dish in big parties of the countryside.

Khot Cake
Khot cake was one of the world’s most delicious foods in the International Street Food Festival taken place in Singapore in 2013. Khot cake is made of rice flour with components including shrimp. Cakes are fried and served with raw vegetables, fresh peppers and usually with sweet fish sauce. This unique street food of Vietnam is a must-eat dish that you should try once.

Grilled Banana Wrapped in Sticky Rice
Sticky rice wrapped outside a banana is mixed with coconut sauce, so it is crispy and greasy after grilling. Moreover, this Vietnamese street food is covered with fragrant coconut sauce along with roasted sesame making such southern rustic dish become favorite at World Street Food Congress organized in Singapore.

Nem vuong (Square Crab Spring Rolls)
Located humbly on the lemon tea sidewalk of Dao Duy Tu street with the sign “Nem vuong cua be” (Square crab sping rolls), the food store is familiar to those looking for a quick meal. Its crowded time is at noon, the sidewalk area and the narrow room rarely have any empty seats. If you come here on weekends, you will see clients standing to wait.

As its name, the spring rolls here are not oblong as traditional but little square. This type of spring roll is believed to be originated from Haiphong, but now it has been in Hanoi and Saigon.

Cha ca (Grilled fish)
This is not a luxurious food but a feat for its cooking process. Fish types often used are catfish, snakehead, etc.

La Vong grilled fish is suitable for early winter but such eating habit is changing according to the needs of the tourist city. There are still a lot of visitors in hot summer days. Unfortunately, coal stoves now are replaced by alcohol stoves.

So, eating street food in Vietnam is so interesting that every tourist comes here should experience to feel unique flavor of this country.