Hanoi food guide: Best foods in Hanoi you definitely must try


Hanoi eating guide for those who still wonder what the best foods in Hanoi are. Tourists will never have to regret if trying all of Hanoi’s foods in this list.

There is a very real and close Hanoi through dishes that are just heard about, people then think about the capital immediately. Coming to Hanoi either in drizzle days in winter or hot days in summer, travelers should spend time enjoying a rich culinary feast in the capital of Vietnam. In spite of being lost in that sweet taste, you will never have to regret.

Now, let’s see what the best foods in Hanoi are and discover all by yourself:

Pho Hanoi (Hanoi noodle soup)
Although Pho (pronounced as /fə/) has become familiar and presented throughout the country, people naturally think about Pho Hanoi when referring to traditional noodle taste. Pho Hanoi is still attractive to tourists by sweet broth and soft noodles mixed with fragrant meat and herbs. You will want to eat Pho immediately when seeing its steam from the bowl.

Pho Hanoi is very varied, ranging from beef noodle soup to chicken noodle soup, etc. Each type has its own flavor. Many ones say that you’re thought not to travel to Hanoi if you don’t eat Pho. Pho’s taste seems to have been along with Hanoi Old Quarter for ages, therefore, those enjoying the noodle soup in Hanoi will feel all the best flavor and taste of Pho.

Quan Thanh (street name) chicken noodle soup, Lo Duc beef noodle, Bat Dan sauté noodles, Tay Ho fresh rice noodle rolls are the unique flavors of Pho Hanoi you must try.

Bun cha (Hanoi grilled pork with vermicelli)
Being one of the top 10 best street foods in the world has enough explanations for why bun cha Hanoi attracts a lot of tourists and becomes one of the top Hanoi’s foods. It is difficult to describe in words the taste of rich but not fatty meat served with special fish sauce with kohlrabi pickles, just enjoy yourself to feel all of this.

It’s great to eat bun cha and drink a glass of beer in Hanoi like the President Obama who enjoyed bun cha at 24 Le Van Huu, Hanoi in his visit to Vietnam. Moreover, you can also discover this delicious food on Hang Than Street, Hoan Kiem District in your Hanoi food journey in Old Quarter.

Bun thang (Thang rice noodle soup)
Beside bun cha, bun thang is also seen as a must-try food in Hanoi. Bun thang looks simple at first glance; however, this tasty rice noodle must be through many subtle and meticulous cooking processes. Served with rice noodles is a bowl of broth with diverse taste, including shredded chicken breast, fried eggs, long thin sliced lean pork paste, and some herbs to decorate and add more flavor.

Bun thang completely satisfies any demanding tourists just in the first time. So, it is indispensably in the list of nutritious Hanoi foods must be tried. If tourists want to know where to eat the most delicious bun thang in Hanoi, two recommended restaurants for you are at 32 and 48 Cau Go Street.

Banh tom Ho Tay (West Lake shrimp cakes)
Ho Tay shrimp cakes have become a valued dish of Hanoians for long time. Each beautifully decorated plate of shrimp cakes make people not be able to look away.

Crispy and naturally sweet shrimp cakes served with kohlrabi pickles and green vegetables will surely satisfy you. It’s ideal to enjoy shrimp cakes in windy nights; hot shrimp cake plates that have just been completed will actually be addictive to any ones when seeing it.

Choose a small corner and treat yourself well with a shrimp cake plate, then enjoy and contemplate Hanoi’s nightlife scenery, your soul will be calm strangely. There are many shrimp cake restaurants around West Lake, Hanoi food guide is to choose a suitable location for a view.

Cha ca La Vong (La Vong grilled fish)
La Vong grilled fish is a part of Hanoians’ memory, people usually recall an old Hanoi every time eating this dish. They enjoy La Vong grilled fish not only for its delicious taste but also for hidden deep love. This food has been longstanding in Hanoi, it was made from hemibagrus in the past, but now snake-head is replaced due to the lack of hemibagrus.

This dish is served with pancakes, noodles, vegetables and fish sauce. When grilled fish is still hot with unquenchable smell, it’s really great to sputter it and then enjoy. 14 Cha Ca Street and 107 Nguyen Truong Street are two suggested addressees for you when travelling to Hanoi.

Banh cuon Thanh Tri (Thanh tri steamed rolled rice cake)
Looking nice, very soft with aromatic smell of inside components which then remain in your mouth are what Thanh tri steamed rolled rice cake enchants tourists. Although this dish is very normal, it has become popular with visitors in Hanoi for its special flavor.

When looking at Thanh tri steamed rolled rice cake , people think of a charming, plain and ancient capital that are seemingly forgotten. You can find the addresses of 62 To Hien Thanh to enjoy this delicious food in Hanoi.

Banh com Lang Vong (Vong village green sticky rice cakes)
The fresh green color blends into the inner thick bean layer giving it a delicious look. Vong village green sticky rice cakes seem to be a gift crystallizing essences of the capital. It is not only in ceremonies, wedding parties, but also a specialty for tourists travelling to Hanoi. These cakes can be left in a few days, so you can bring them back as a gift for family and friends.

Bun dau mam tom (Fried tofu and rice vermicelli with shrimp paste)
Neither fussy processing nor delicacy, Hanoi fried tofu and rice vermicelli with shrimp paste sold on side road stalls or restaurants is still so attractive. A rustic tray made from bamboo and overlaid by an idyllic green banana leaf, a little soft fresh noodle, fried yellow tofu, shrimp paste (you can choose fish sauce instead), a few lemons and chillies, these are enough for a full stomach.

Going along streets of Hanoi in the evening, tourists can easily find fried tofu and rice vermicelli stalls for a try. If you are looking for a larger space, visit the address at 39A Ly Quoc Su Street.

Grilled intestine on Gam Cau Street
Compared with many other famous foods in Hanoi (Vietnam), grilled intestine came out later but it still fascinates both Hanoians and tourists. Gam Cau Street is a familiar address and considered to have the most flavor grilled intestine in Hanoi. Intestine is marinated evenly so that you don’t need any spices after it has just done. Those who like spicy food can use more chili paste or diluted chilli sauce.

Trang Tien ice-cream
It’s unknown when Trang Tien ice-cream became a typical culinary of Hanoians. So, whether tourist travel to Hanoi for the first time or a few times, they still come to Trang Tien ice cream parlor and treat themselves ice-cream to drive away all the fatigue on their journey.

Hanoi’s Trang Tien ice cream is sold in a lot of stores, but if you want to find the right flavor making Hanoi people addicted, Hanoi food eating guide for you is to visit at 35 Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem to try delicious ice cream and see people sit on their motorcycles enjoying their ice-cream in the evening.