Dalat places of interest: All Dalat attractions are ready for you


Know attractions in Dalat Vietnam – The misty city full of love that everyone is enamored after entering this paradise of flowers and beautiful scenery.

Being one of Vietnam tourist spots, Dalat has other names like “Little Paris” of Vietnam, the city of flowers, the city in mist or the city of love.

This beautiful city has a strange charm for anyone to experience and explore. In order not to miss the best attractions in Dalat Vietnam, note the following places in your journey to discover this land!

Da Lat Center
Da Lat market and Am Phu (underworld) market

Don’t miss these markets when going to Dalat attractions. There are second-hand warm clothes here which are beautiful and cheap.

You also possibly enjoy many specialties in Da lat like first extract of mulberry, Atiso tea (Cynarascolymus), dried vegetables, jams and red kidney beans.

Xuan Huong lake

Xuan Huong (fragrance of spring) lake is one of favorite Dalat attractions and it is the symbol of Dalat tourism. Xuan Huong lake is the most beautiful in early morning and sunset. Visting Xuan Huong lake, you can get some entertainments like going pedal duck on the lake, going motor boat or rowing a rubber boat.

Bao Dai’s Palace or Palace III

There are many Dalat attractions that you will really want to visit. Bao Dai is known as the last king of Vietnam feudal society at that time. This beautiful and elegant palace is located on the 1593m high hill.

Da Lat Railway station

This is a familiar place where tourists love to take lots of photos.

Da Lat flower garden

Flower garden is in the list of Dalat’s top attractions to visit. Many ones often visit this flower garden to gaze the beautifulness of thousands of colorful blossoming flowers and to shoot many nice photos.

Da Lat Cathedral (Rooster church)

There is a big rooster statue on the top of the bell tower. This cathedral is the biggest church in Da Lat, one of the most ancient and typical architecture buildings what were left by the French architects.

Domaine de Maria Cathedral

It is also called Mai Anh Cathedral which is built as European style in the 17th century. Domain de Marie church has a large combination between European architecture style and the high land ethnic minority people’s architecture.

Lam Vien Square
This is one of places sought by man young people in early 2016 due to its impressive architecture. The Square is located in the heart of the city, overlooking Xuan Huong lake with a total area of 72,000 m². Come here to take your lifetime photos!

Da Lat Education College
Da Lat Education College achieved one of 1000 unique constructions of the world in 20th century by the asso the world architect. The high light of this building is the arced houses range with the bell tower, also called “Round house” or “arced house”.

Muoi Loi peach flower valley
A lot of Dalat places of interest will be on your list. But this is the must visited place because there are so many of gorgeous peach flowers and many good and strange specialties here.

The north of Da Lat center
Love valley
Talking about attractions in Dalat Vietnam, that is all about the love valley for couples which is most romantic and poetic in Da Lat. Tourists can climb up Vong Canh hill and observe the entire view of Love valley.

Suoi Vang valley/ Suoi Vang lake
The way to Suoi Vang (Gold stream) valley is amazingly beautiful. You should bring some fabric or mat and put somewhere near the valley, then enjoy your picnic right there.

Lang Biang mountain
There are 2 ways to get close to the mountain: climb or take the jeep car. It is 180.000 VND a jeep for a whole trip.If you go alone then you need to wait until there are enough 6 people. So each person will pay 50.000 VND.

The trip will take about 15 minutes to get the top. If you want to climb, you can follow the asphalted road and it takes you 1 and a half hours to across 7 to 8 km to reach the top. Along the way to the top, there are pine trees and wild flowers at two sides of the road.

Cu Lan village
This is the brand new attraction place in Da Lat. Cu Lan village is a small and romantic village which is just right inside hectares of a large wild primeval forest at the foot of Lang Biang mountain. Cu Lan village is 9 km from Golden valley at the way to Golden stream – Silver stream.

The south of Da Lat center
Not only does the north of Da Lat have a lot of Dalat Vietnam points of interest but the south of Da Lat also have some impressive places:

Tuyen Lam lake
It is located in 1000 height from the water level. You can hire a boat to row to the island. One round trip costs 200.000 VND, find other tourists to save money.

Or you possibly go around the lake (turn left) follow the way to the island. When in the island, you can enjoy the boar and other meat. Remember to bring a mat so that you can lie or sit on and observe the beautiful land view and take photos. At noon you can hire hammock hang between two pine trees to take some rest with just 7.000 VND per hour.

Truc Lam zen pagoda
If you go straight to Phuong Hoang (Phoenix) mountain, near Tuyen Lam lake, you will find a peaceful Truc Lam pagoda. It is not only the biggest pagoda in Lam Dong province but also the interesting visiting place in Da Lat. There is a cable car station across the pagoda.

A round trip in cable car to observe the whole city and pine woods is 50.000 VND per ticket.

Prenn waterfall
One of other Dalat attractions is Prenn waterfall. You can observe the mighty waterfall and endless pine woods then enjoy fresh fish soup with just 160.000 to 200.000 VND a bowl for 4 people.

Datanla waterfall
This waterfall impresses tourists by its transparent water flows through 7 levels of rocky mountains then falls onto the big stones and makes dazzlingly white burbles. From 20 national street, you turn down the slope about 300 m, you will see Datanla waterfall attractive and rural decoration.

The area far from Da Lat city center

Cau Dat green tea village
You will see many green tea fields and wild flowers in the end of the year. Because it is located in 1.650 m high to the water level, the weather here is cool all around the year. You are free to visit the green tea fields, do not have to pay any fee or tickets.

Elephant waterfall – Linh An pagoda
Rowoa waterfall of Elephant waterfall is one of Dalat attractions. There are beautiful waterfalls of High land. Each is 30 m high and 15 m wide. Behind the fall, there are very deep caves like Bat cave or Wind cave… LinhAn pagoda is on the view of Elephant waterfall. There are many big meticulous Buddhist statues inside the pagoda yard.

D’ran town
It is located right at the beginning of the way to Da Lat resort, Don Duong district. D’ran is famous with yellowish wild flowers and red berry garden. There is also a forgettable food called “baked rools”.

Pongour waterfall
It is also called 7 level waterfall. Ponhour waterfall is 40 m high, contains 7 levels and 100 m wide. This is the only waterfall that Lam Dong government holds the High land ethnic festival each year in January.

Dambri waterfall
Dambri waterfall (belongs to Dambri eco-tourism) is 18 km to the east north of BaoLoc city. This is the highest waterfall in Lam Dong province which is over 40 m high. Dambri waterfall has two streams, one high and one lower make it look mighty and gorgeous.